Thick soup for China cooked at Dharamshala


  • Doval prepares mega move against Chinese leadership by uniting dissident Chinese Groups at one platform
  • Dissident Chinese Groups brought together at Dharamshala under thick cover of a US-based anti-China NGO
  • RAWs permanent pawn in Pakistan, Naela Baloch from Balochistan also included in new nexus of evils
  • Dovals new plan focuses on creating socio-political problems for Chinese leadership to destabilize CPEC, OBOR etc
  • Indian NSA already created a combination of troubles for CPEC, Chinese leadership by finalizing RAW-ETIM-NDS-WUC nexus in Afghanistan
  • Nexus of troubles expanded by involving leading anti-Beijing Groups from different parts of world via a secret conference at Dharamshala (India)
  • All participants of event allowed to attend the conference on Tourist Visas to maintain the secrecy of the project but in violation of Indian Immigration rules
  • Doval tasked Intelligence Bureaus senior officer Director Dineshwar Sharma to manage visa issues of all participants where certain errors erupted that alarmed Interpol, Beijing
  • Event came to limelight after the crisis erupted for New Delhi over issuance of Dolkun Isa, an absconding Chinese wanted by China under terror charges with Red Warrants from Interpol


By Makhdoom Babar
(Field Reporting by Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma in New Delhi, Jessica Wong in Washington, Anna Liu in Munich and Donald Chen in Hong Kong)

special-reportIndia is reported to have launched a well thought-out conspiracy against Chinas political leadership with aim to flare-up domestic problems for CPC and Chairman Xi to defocus Beijing from Game Changer plan of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), reveal special investigations by The Daily Mail.

These investigations indicate that Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Kumar Doval, with comprehensive assistance of Ministry of External Affairs, RAW and IB, was hectically busy for more than one year, in implementing a deadly plan against Chinese leadership and Communist Party of China with immense potential to sabotage Beijings focus on CPEC and One Belt One Road(OBOR) projects.

The Daily Mails investigations indicate that after successfully forging an alliance between absconding and Afghanistan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) elements and Daeshs Afghanistan chapter back in 2014. Doval developed the idea of expanding this combination of evils, soon after Pakistan army launched a mega operation against terrorists and foreign militants in countrys tribal belts. That operation forced maximum of surviving terrorists to cross over to Afghanistan and to seek shelter at the protected facilities of RAW and Afghan intelligence NDS. However, after the visit of Chinese President XI Jinping to Pakistan in 2015 during which CPEC was formally launched, efforts to materialize the said plan were put in top gear.

These investigations reveal that under the plan, Indian NSAs office started developing a close liaison between all the Chinese dissident groups that are deemed to be staunch opponents of Communist Party of China and the current Chinese political system and seek implementation of Western version of democracy in China. The Doval network started arranging communication between all these groups, convincing them to join a common platform for launching synchronized campaigns against CPC under the symbolic supervision of Dalai Lama.

The Daily Mails Investigations indicate that there has been a strong belief at New Delhi that with the focus that Xi Jinping was keeping over CPEC and OBOR projects, it was not possible to cause any major dent to these projects. It emerged as a very strong view at Delhi that to shake Xis focus from CPEC, it was highly imperative to create domestic political unrest for Communist Party in such a manner that the entire focus of President Xi and his top party associates could be shifted completely from CPEC, OBOR etc to domestic front. It is worth mentioning here that CPEC is the flagship project of the OBOR initiatives of Chinese leadership.

The Daily Mails investigations reveal that for the purpose, Doval started establishing contacts with numerous dissident Chinese groups, placed at different parts of the world. Though all dissident groups were approached by Dovals lieutenants, yet special emphasis was made on prominent personalities belonging to World Uyghur Congress, Tibetan Youth Congress, East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), Falun Gong and Citizen Power of China while in more surprising move, a Pakistani female activist from Balochistan and an Afghanistan-based Daesh representative were also asked to join the event.

These investigations further indicate that Doval was working for long to develop close coordination between absconding ETIM commanders in Afghanistan and WUCs Executive Committee Chairman Dolkun Isa, based in Munich, Germany. It is also learnt that in the beginning Doval was focusing on WUCs President Rebiya Kadeer but after finding her to be under too much influence of CIA and other US bodies, this focus was shifted to Isa in Germany.

These Investigations further indicate that Pakistani security agencies, very recently, arrested a senior serving officer of RAW from Pakistans Balochistan province after he entered into Pakistan from Iran. Indian government itself identified him as Commander Kulbhushan Jhadev of Indian Navys Intelligence Wing. During interrogation, the said RAW officer while admitting his role in coordinating with ETIM and Daesh members in Afghanistan at NDS facilities, also revealed that one of his lieutenants from RAW in Iran was immensely coordinating between Dolkun Isa and ETIM under a plan from Indias NSA. He informed the investigators that the said RAW officer has been travelling to Munich from Iran at various occasions to hold meetings with Dolkun Isa with unknown amounts of cash every time. The purpose of these meetings, according to him, always was to coordinate actions between ETIM and Isa chapter of WUC while his visits to Afghanistan were to evolve coordination between local ETIM leaders and Daesh, with the background of meetings in Munich.

The Daily Mails investigations further indicate the Pakistani police authorities of Peshawar, the city bordering with Afghanistan, arrested one local from Regi Lalma area of the city, just by the end of last month. The suspect, identified as Musa was arrested for his links with Afghanistan-based Daesh Commander Abdullah aka Cheeta. Musa, during police interrogations, confirmed Cheetas links with Doval, RAW and NDS and disclosed that all Daesh leaders in Afghanistan were staying at the safe houses of NDS in Kandahar etc. Musas disclosures also came as a testimony and endorsement to what arrested RAW officer had told his interrogators about RAW-ETIM-NDS-WUC combination of Doval.

The Daily Mails investigations further reveal that after forming the above mentioned nexus of evils, Doval embarked upon the 2nd phase of his anti-CPC plan. In this phase, he planned to organize a mega meet of all the notable dissident Chinese groups from all over the world at a very isolate, yet special venue in India. Though the investigations failed to dig out credible substance to highlight as to what extent were the Americans engaged with Doval in this project, yet certain security observers attach great importance to the visit to the said conference venue by the US Under-Secretary Sarah Sewall for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights , just a few months ago. In January this year when Sarah Sewall visited India on an official visit, she, without any prior schedule, also visited Dharamsala and met the Dalai Lama.

Investigations reveal that Doval, under his master plan, devised the idea of hosting a mega get-together of top Chinese dissident groups and individuals under the garb of an informal, inter-faith engagement at the same venue, Dharamsala. As government of India was not in a position to hold any such activity in its official capacity, Doval activated the US-based outfit Citizen Power for China, led by US-based Yang Jianli, an infamous Chinese activist and one of the basic plotters of the infamous Tiananmen Square protests on behest of and funds of CIA. However, to add more credence to unofficial status of the event, The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, and Students for a Free Tibet India were also portrayed as the organizers of the conference by Doval which was scheduled to be held from April, 28 to May-1, 2016. However, Citizens Power for China created a cover for the event asunder the title of a social event with the title of Strengthening Our Alliance to Advance the Peoples Dream: Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace, without indicating anything against China or the CPC. It was also decided to keep the event as a closed-door affair with no permission for media to cover it and with no communiqu or statement by anyone over the proceedings of the event.

The Daily Mails investigations indicate that in all some ninety Chinese dissident groups from amongst the Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, Muslims, Buddhists and delegates from the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau were invited on orders of Ajit Doval. Most interestingly, two special guests were also invited to the meeting that include Daeshs Afghanistan-based Commander Abdullahs representative Wasifi and Pakistans Balochistan insurgency activist Naela Quadri Baloch, self-styled President of World Baloch Women’s Forum(WBWF)were also introduced to the meeting participants as Special Guests. It remains a fact that both Naela Baloch and Daesh representatives apparently having nothing to do with Chinese dissidents but are very relevant with regard to CPEC with Naela Baloch already being in India on invitation of RAW and holding many seminars against Pakistan and for the disintegration of Balochistan from Pakistan on the pattern of the 1971s India sponsored disintegration of East Pakistan. Some reports from leading Pakistani media suggest that Pakistans Foreign Office officials have claimed of having solid proofs of Naela being comprehensively sponsored by RAW. Sources say that Rebiya Kadeer, the US-based head of WUC was deliberately not invited as her presence at the event was set to invite immense attention by global media towards the event. Instead, Ms. Kadeer proposed the name of President of the Uyghur American Association, Ilshat Hassan and subsequently he attended the said conference.

These investigations further indicate the Ajit Doval selected a former aide and subordinate and present Director of Intelligence Bureau (IB) to arrange the visas and to handle other immigration related matters of the invited guests as India has very complicated visa requirements. To maintain the secrecy of the event, Intelligence Bureaus Director Dineshwar Sharma was strictly directed to arrange Tourist Visas for all the foreign participants, despite the fact that Indian immigration laws do not permit any foreigner on Tourist Visa to participate in any conference or seminar whereas under such visas, there are also many restrictions for traveling to more than one city and state. This appears to be the basic reason for which a very senior officer from the Intelligence Bureau was handpicked to clear all the bottlenecks with different Indian Embassies and Immigration Department etc. However, in the process, due to certain loopholes in the system, the Doval instructions could not be materialized in all visa cases and some 6 to 8 guests were given Visas under the category that is reserved for participants to an official seminar or conference by the host country.

The Daily Mails investigations indicate that things were going pretty smooth for Doval and company until the visa error took place in a few cases, particularly in case of Dolkun Isa. Dolkun Isa was mistakenly issued the visa, not in the light of Dovals instructions and was given e-Visa. Since Interpol had already issued Red Warrants against Dolkun Isa for his involvement in terrorism in China, on Interpols Red Warrants, issuance of Visa to him via internet pressed alarmed bells for Interpol and the news subsequently reached Beijing within no time.

These investigations reveal that when Beijing came up with its official reaction to this mischief by Delhi, Doval assumed as if the whole ploy was about to go exposed. To counter the situation, Doval issued a media advisory for Indian media via RAW and Information Ministry. Under this advisory, Indian media was asked to twist the situation and portray it as a sort of tit for tat by Delhi for Beijing as Beijing had opted to Veto Indian demand for declaring a Pakistani as a proscribed international terrorist at the UN. Indian media, following this media advisory by RAW, that is very strictly followed across India, in the beginning did the same and portrayed the whole episode of Dolkun Isa visa as a matter of Tit for Tat between Delhi and Beijing over Masood Azhar issue, very continently pushing the major issue of India hosting an international conference of all Chinese dissidents and anti-CPC elements, under the carper. However when China reacted very strongly and the main ploy of Dharamshala Conference faced with a double jeopardy, Doval changed the stance and not only Dolkun Isas visa was cancelled but the visas issued to some half a dozen other guests of similar background were also revoked. The other Doval guests whose visas were revoked include US-based Lu Jinghua, a protester from the 1989 Tiananmen Square, Ray Wong, spokesperson of Hong Kong Indigenous, a political group that seeks the former British colonys independence from China and a Hong Kong activist Alex Chow, who co-organized the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in 2014. On the other side, Doval advised Dolkun Isa to issue certain statements against China and India both for revoking of his visa so that Delhis External Affairs Ministry could repair some damage with Beijing.

The Daily Mails investigations indicate the nearly 69 out of some 90 odd guests could make it smoothly to Dharamshala and all of them arrived in India on Tourist Visas and attended the high profile, 4-day Conference, clearly violating Indias immigration laws but the comprehensive connivance of RAW and the office of NSA.. These investigations further indicate that on 28th , all the participants held a very detailed meeting with Dalai Lama at Norbu House in McLeodganj, which is owned by Wangdu Tsewang, an Indian national of Tibetan origin and is part of the Dalai Lamas set-up and was also the main venue of the event. This closed-door meeting was also attended by three top RAW officials from Area-I and Area-II Desks and two senior officials from East Asia Desk of Ministry of External Affairs of New Delhi, beside representations from IB and NSA office. In this meeting, main focus was placed on forming joint strategies on democratizing China with Western version of democracy and to launch coordinated worldwide moves to portray Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xingjian as Chinas Colonies. During the meeting, the Special Guests assured the rest of the participants of their full support to the cause while Naela Baloch also sought support of the rest of the participants for the cause of her mentors.

The investigations indicate that on the 2nd day of the top secret conference where any outsider including members of official or private media were not allowed, an unknown plan was unveiled to the participants by Indian hosts. According to unspecified information, this plan revolves around launching simultaneous movements against Chinese leadership and Chinese political system and for liberty of certain occupied areas from Chinese control, both through global events and via protests and militancy back in China. It is also learnt that separate meetings of different groups were also held in separate rooms while a special meeting between reps of WUC, ETIM, Daesh Afghjanistan and WBWF was also held, details of which were not available.

Investigations further indicate that and Indian TV Channel, Aaj Takk, just last month aired an investigative news report in which it was disclosed that a large number of people from different parts of India were getting themselves recruited in Daeshs Afghanistan chapter and were constantly leaving for Afghanistan. Security experts say that this news by Indian media suggest that those who are getting to Daesh in Afghanistan could by no means be religiously motivated. In such a case, they would have rather joined the Jihadi and insurgent groups inside Indian Occupied Kashmir to please their sentiments rather than leaving all the way for Afghanistan. These experts believe that this report vindicates the previous media and intelligence reports that Ajit Doval was providing human resources as well to Daesh in Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning here that earlier, Indian intelligence was caught in web for organizing bloody riots in Tibet under the operation, code named Ashes on Snow, back in 2008. RAW, under the cover of a so-called NGO, named Raksha (The Defense) established a self defense training facility at a small building at Dharamshala downtown, a few years back. The facility offered short courses of self defense, with duration of six to eight weeks. In the beginning, only local boys and girls were admitted to this institution and were trained about self defense tactics. However, with the passage of time, Dharamshala based Tibetan youngsters were also offered admissions. In the meantime, the facility was shifted from Dharamshala to some 25 kilometers in the north at a deserted place in the woods. It is learnt that at the said facility, now there are some 700 to 1000 young Tibetans, getting Self Defense training with no local student at all. It was further revealed that all the Tibetan, getting the terrorist training at this RAW establishment, are given 10 extra marks at government run Schools, Colleges and Universities across India. Though, apparently this training facility is being run by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), yet common people are not authorized to enter the camp premises and any aspiring journalist has got to go through a lot of complicated process to carry out a visit to the facility. The movement in the vicinity of the facility was made restricted after a US satellite spotted the camp with the presence of arms and ammunition dumps and other explosives and later this news found some place in a leading US magazine, though, surely by mistake, some years back.
The activities at this training camp of RAW, that had gone fairly down after the failed operation, code named Ashes on Snow to carry out large scale riots in Tibet, got a new momentum and pace after Ajit Kumar took over as NSA in 2013. After Doval paid special attention to this facility and revived the set-up, the number of both the trainers and trainees was increased considerably. In this revived strategy, some female shooting experts, belonging to a militant Hindu extremists organization, Durga Vahini, have also been inducted amongst the training staff at the camp.

Certain global politics and security observers believe that irrespective of the fact that was there any real pressure from the Chinese behind the revocation of visas of a few Chinese dissidents including Dolkun Isa, an assembly of Chinese dissidents in India must have disconcerted Beijing, worried as it has been with New Delhis growing closeness with the US. Some such observers even fear that the India-US rapport could even lead to a military alliance, something that can work to encircle China.