Lankans face RAW wrath over growing China ties

— Who is pulling the terror strings from Mumbai to Quetta and from Kabul to Colombo

— No Indian property was targeted in Colombo despite India sharing info about threats to Indian HC

— Within minutes of Colombo carnage, Indian media and officials started pointing finger on Lankan Muslims

— The Videos of Colombo carnage suspects uploaded on social media from India

— India started suicide bombing training to Lankan militants of LTTE etc

— Indian officials admitted before Judicial Commission of running terror training camps for Lankan terrorists by Indian army

— Jain Commission exposed India’s long arm in decades of unrest and terror in Sri Lanka

— India heavily fuming over Sri Lanka for Colombo’s growing ties with Beijing

— Colombo episode appears to be start of a plan to bring Sri Lank down to knees and to create a 1984 like scenario

— Delhi’s desperation to bring Colombo to complete reliance over India, eradicating Beijing’s influence set to have more Colombo like incidents

— Doval’s philosophy of offensive defense reaches Sri Lanka with creation of Daesh Sri Lanka chapter

By Makhdoom Babar

(Additional inputs from Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma in New Delhi, Thilini Ranasinghe in Colombo and Mona Wardak in Kabul)

The terrible suicide attacks that rocked the Island State of Sri Lanka and shocked the entire global community on the eve of Easter Sunday in Colombo last week, had all threads linked to Indian intelligence agency RAW and India’s undeclared head of regional and global terror mechanism, Ajit Kumar Doval, having the cover of being India’s National Security Advisor, reveal the detailed investigations by a team of globally known investigative reporters of The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that to start with, the Indian Intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) that started the psychological operations for creating a favorable psychological environment for the upcoming mega plan and thus, in the 2nd week of April this year, drafted a letter for Sri Lankan authorities and officially delivered it in Colombo as an ‘intelligence sharing‘ module. In this letter, the Indians had warned Sri Lankan officials that they had collected intelligence about planned suicide attacks on Churches and Indian High Commission in Colombo by a Muslim group, based in Sri Lanka, named National Thawheed Jamath under command of one Mohammed Zahran. In this letter, Indians tried to gave an impression to Lankans that Indian ‘intelligence sharing’ was a result of intelligence gathering process for security of Indian High Commission in Colombo and not that Indian intelligence operators were immensely operating inside Sri Lanka as otherwise Indians had no justification for collecting such sensitive information for something going to happen inside another country and that too under domestic arrangements, until and unless the Indians were themselves orchestrating such a plan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that though the Churches and all other targets were blown up by the suicide bombers very accurately, as per the info provided by the Indians, however there appears to be no reason why no attack was even attempted on the Indian High Commission in Colombo whereas the Indian intelligence sharing to Colombo was primarily in the backdrop of the immense threat to Indian Mission in the city. It is not that some attack on Indian High Commission in Colombo was foiled but in fact no attempt was even made.

A famous and very respected Sri Lankan journalist, Latheef Farook, writes in leading Sri Lankan newspaper the Colombo Telegraph ,” There has been no history of violent animosity between Muslims and Christians. However, over a period of time both communities have been targeted by few radical Buddhists on multiple occasions. They were both victims of the violence but never responded. Had the bombers targeted state institutions, places of entertainment, Buddhist temples or even Hindu kovils, it would have made sense in terms of vengeance for a real or imagined wrong.” In the widely circulated Colombo Telegraph article, he further writes ” External parties have geopolitical interests in Sri Lanka to divide, distract, loot and set up military bases in the island as there is a cold war and increasing militarization of the Indian Ocean. RSS and BBS emerged in the post-war period, the former a Hindu organization and the latter a Buddhist outfit in the predominantly Tamil northeast and Sinhala Buddhist South, seemingly also targeting Muslims and Christians.” In this background, explained by a renown and celebrated Sri Lankan journalist, who has also authored books on subject of terrorism, one can easily imagine that Muslims of Sri Lanka were not holding anything against the Christians in the country and even if they had some regrets, those were against those extremist Buddhist elements that attacked the Muslims in March 2018, just when ultra Hindu organization, RSS had launched a very violent campaign against Muslims in neighboring India.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that no Hindu property or worship place and no Indian business house were targeted during the Colombo attacks. Most interestingly, the suicide bombers, it appears, were very cautious that their acts should not harm any Indian business as while they attacked all major hotels in the area including Cinnamon Grand Hotel and Kingsbury Hotel, they simply preferred to ignore a top Indian Hotel, the Taj Samudra Hotel, that was located right amidst the all targeted hotels in the area. Neither at the time of planning nor A la 26/11 attackers ,just one for the road manner, during that operation, any Indian property or site was not selected as a target.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Sri Lanka journalists also raise the issue to be addressed that how come the Indian media and even Indian politicians knew more about bombings than the local media and local authorities? Furthermore, the intelligence shared by Indian RAW with the Sri Lankan authorities about possible attacks almost two weeks before the incident / release of identities of the Suspects and their ideologies gives credence to the suspected role of Indians deep state.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that that poor Lankans are not facing the RAW wrath for the first time but it has actually been continued for decades. The immense interference in Sri Lanka’s matter by RAW even after Lankans managed to finally defeat the RAW written terror chapter of their history, they constantly remained victims of India’s hegemonic designs and policies of deceit and treachery through overt and covert operations. In 2015, global media was hit with the headlines about Indian covert interference in Sri Lankan Presidential Elections when RAW’s Colombo Station Chief was caught red handed for hatching a political conspiracy with the help of opposition leaders including to oust Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka expelled the said RAW official from country.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that current RAW wrath on Sri Lanka is not merely based on organizing a new negative branding for Muslims in the Christianity dominated Western World but the move also appears to be aimed at teaching Colombo a lesson for getting closer to Beijing, both in defense and economy spheres and to bring Colombo down on knees to 1987 like situation when India moved its troops into Sri Lanka to address country’s internal security issues. These investigations indicate that Delhi annoyance towards Colombo started off during 2nd successful tenure of President Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa’s unexpected defeat after two terms in office coincided with growing concern at New Delhi that it was losing influence over Colombo, because of the former President’s tilt toward regional rival China.

The concern turned to alarm when Rajapaksa allowed two Chinese submarines to dock in Sri Lanka without warning New Delhi. Today, things have gone much beyond that and China is enjoying reasonable influence in Sri Lanka. In the beginning, the new Lankan President Sirisena tried to address Delhi’s annoyance of Colombo’s increasing ties with China and before embarking upon his maiden visit to India as Sri Lankan President said that he he will visit New Delhi on his first foreign trip and added by saying that India was the “first, main concern” of his foreign policy. However he failed to convince Indians that Colombo’s increasing partnership with Beijing was just for the development of his country and by no means to offend any other State. The rage of New Delhi started steaming up to full when Sri Lanka, in December 2017, leased out its strategic port of Hambantota to China on a 99 year lease. Hambantota sits on Sri Lanka’s southern coast, provides access to critical Indian Ocean sea lanes. China’s acquisition of Hambantota port, according to assurances given by the Sri Lankan government, is purely intended for civilian purposes. But this acquisition spurred particular alarm in India, and it was decided to teach Lankans a lesson and prevent them from any further partnership with China and bring Colombo to all reliance on Delhi, by hook or by crook . So According to Ajit Doval’s National Security Doctrine, focusing around philosophy of offensive defense, the time to teach Colombo had just arrived.

Though the perpetuators of Colombo attacks made sure that the attacks could come as suicide attacks to easily be connected to Muslim Jehadi outfits like Daesh, ISIS etc, yet, The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal, they perhaps conveniently forgot that the very concept of suicide bombing was introduced in South Asia for the first time by none else but RAW itself when it trained the Tamil separatists groups of Sri Lanka such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) to start militant secessionist movement based on terrorism in the Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that two names that surfaced in press in November 2002, in connection with Hindu Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), General (retd.) Premnath Hoon former Chief of Western Command of Indian Army and who after retirement became Chief of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale, had actually served on deputation with RAW for imparting training on the Sri Lankan Tamil militants

The Daily Mail’s investigations further disclose that prominent Indian Jurist, Justice (Retd.) Jain, commissioned to investigate and report on a former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination by an LTTE suicide killer, documented the existence of ‘militant’ training camps for LTTE and other Sri Lankan Tamil secessionist groups throughout India, under the aegis of RAW and other Indian intelligence and security agencies. Former Indian Prime Minister V.P. Singh disclosed during his in-camera hearing before the Jain Commission on 5th November 1996 that the first batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu. Singh, however, declined to disclose exact location citing national security reasons. According to him all militants were also provided with weapons and monetary backup to carryout activities inside of Sri Lanka. He further disclosed that ironically late Rajiv Gandhi also encouraged and supported training of LTTE and other Tamil militant groups. Similarly, Former Indian Foreign Secretary Salman Haider also provided a very incisive insight to the Commission in his affidavit number 343/96-JCI. Haider, who was liaising between the LTTE terrorist maestro leader Prabharkaran and Indian intelligence agencies, at one time disclosed that “in the beginning Mrs. Indira Gandhi entrusted full responsibility of providing military training to Sri Lankan Tamil militants to RAW”. Prabharkaran was however, not pleased with the share of spoils that local RAW operatives were giving to LTTE in comparison with its rival militant terrorist groups TELO, EROS, EPRLF, and TEA. He thus asked for Haider’s intervention, upon which the former arranged a meeting of Prabharkran with the officials of India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB). Thus training of LTTE was shifted to IIB from RAW. This created an inter intelligence agency rivalry and according to Haider, RAW was behind attacks by Tamil Elam Liberation Organization (TELO) and Elam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) on LTTE.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal further that Former Advisor (to Mrs. Gandhi) K. Mohandas in his affidavit number 64/92-JCI disclosed to the Jain Commission that different intelligence agencies and Prime Minister’s advisors were vying with each other to provide training and facilitating the Lankan Tamil militants due to big money involved. Military training was provided by central agencies in Union government controlled camps in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnatka, Uttar Pardesh, Kerala, New Delhi and elsewhere. According to Mohandas, militants were trained, armed and launched into Sri Lanka to carry out subversion and attacks. Perhaps his most shocking revelation was that the LTTE and other militant groups were also provided training in the Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun, which incidentally is the basic military training institution for officers of Indian army.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that with this background, now in the Colombo bombing episode, India has tried to portray Delhi being the savior of Lankans and RAW being the most efficient and pro-Sri Lanka organization. RAW, in a sham Intelligence sharing drama, tried to mislead Lankan authorities from the actual plot and instead, tipped them to a little known, tiny group of Lankan Muslims, the National Thawheed Jamath (NTJ). There was still confusion about whether it was this group, or a splinter organization, carried out the Colombo attacks. According to a Sri Lankan media article,’ Israel and India, fully backed by US and Europe had lot to benefit by destabilizing Sri Lanka which had established closer ties with China, especially in the context of US –China rivalry in the Indian Ocean region. From the very first hour western media began their traditional role of accusing Muslims of committing this crime.’

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that that unlike the Daesh style, nobody took responsibility of Colombo carnage for around 48 hours whereas the Daesh or ISIS style is that they claim responsibility of any such terror episode even before it is yet to be completed. But in Colombo case, the claim for Sunday carnage could not come till Tuesday when a notorious Lankan smuggler, with doing smuggling to and from India but obviously a Muslim, released a Video on social media and took the responsibility of the carnage on behalf of Daesh or Islamic State. The new and sudden face of overnight established Daesh Sri Lanka was identified as one Zahran Hashim, a local Sri Lankan Muslim, known as a trouble maker in the Muslim community for raising brand new controversies every now and then but with absolutely no ability or resources to even dream about such a highly sophisticated and immensely organized and synchronized terror plan, setting aside its successful execution.

The Daily Mail investigations indicate that apparently, the perpetuators of Colombo carnage had partially taken the Daesh hierarchy into confidence to claim responsibility of a terror episode in Sri Lanka, without giving the details of the gravity of the plan, to which Daesh leaders might have agreed. Now what all was needed was to have a local Muslim face from within Sri Lanka. For the purpose, RAW provided the solution and an old operator of RAW’s Underworld Mafia Wing, Chota Rajan Gang, Zahran Hashim’s name was finalized and his video statement was recorded. However due to certain new restrictions for uploading material on Social Media, introduced after the terror episode in Christ Church carnage in New zealand , the perpetrators were left with no other option but to upload the video from the home country where they had all the powers to penetrate through all restrictions. Sri Lankan officials have explored that the videos of Hashim were uploaded from India. Sri Lanka’s Deputy Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene s on record to have stated that according to initial investigations, a splinter group out of NTJ could be linked to the Colombo attacks.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that RAW is having a history of creating splinter groups out of different organizations and also creating factitious factions of different successful militant organizations while Ajit Doval specializes in this direction. Both Ajit Doval and his former RAW boss B Raman had been doing it from the decades of 70s and 80s while Doval is still on it. Creating fake Sikh replicas of prominent Sikh freedom fighting movements in Indian Punjab ( Khalistan) and doing same in Indian occupied Kashmir, creating fake factions and splinter groups of Kashmiri freedom fighting outfits, by now, Doval and RAW both have mastered in this art and splinter groups out of TTP, BLA, BRA and TTA and Daesh Afghanistan are recent examples till Daesh Sri Lanka emerged as the youngest RAW baby in this direction.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate in 2014, global media was buzzed with the news about Indian NSA, Ajit Doval holding secret meetings with Daesh leadership at different locations in Syria and Iraq. These meetings were held for the release of over 400 Indian Doctors, Nurses and other paramedical staff that were abducted by Daesh from Syria and Iraq for heavy ransom. Doval, during the meetings, offered Daesh to launch their new chapters in different parts of the world with full human resource and weaponry assistance in lieu of the release of abducted Indian doctors and paramedical staff. The meetings finally bore fruit and the global community witnessed 2 facts with open eyes, in crystal clear manner in result of these Doval-Daesh parleys. First was that the detained Indian Doctors and paramedical staff released by Daesh and they returned home safely, without paying any ransom and the second was the sudden and phenomenal arrival and rise of Daesh in Afghanistan, comprising splinter groups and detached individuals from TTP, LJ, BLA, BRA, Afghani Taliban and what not. Doval’s HR head for provision of recruits to Daesh Afghanistan is one Yousaf Al-Hindi, headquartered in India and apparently most wanted by Indian police but never got caught. The killing of some 20 plus Indians in Afghanistan when America dropped mother of all Bombs there a year back, vindicated that enough of Yousaf Al-Hindi recruited RAW moles had already started joining Daesh Afghanistan. It leaves with no iota of doubt that Zahran Hashim is going to emerge as the first page of RAW’s Sri Lankan Daesh Chapter. This appears to be just the beginning of yet another era of unrest and militancy for Lankans, nurtured by Indians and only an idiot of first order can believe that India’s warning letter to Sri Lanka was a matter of RAW’s sincerity and goodwill for Lankans and Lankan government.