Sindh wants Centre to announce loan, tax waiver for rain-hit farmers


KARACHI: The Sindh government on Monday demanded of the federal government to announce agriculture loan and tax waiver for rain-hit farmers of the province.

Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahoo said in a statement that the provincial government declared 20 districts of the province calamity-hit due to the devastation caused by recent rains there. He said the government would make all-out efforts for rehabilitation of farmers affected by monsoon rains and waive provincial agriculture tax of rain-affected crops.

He regretted the agriculture sector is already under pressure due to flawed policies of the federal government as rising prices of fertilisers, diesel, electricity, and gas have added to the woes of farmers who are running up debts.

Ismail Rahoo said the calamity-hit districts suffered hugely due to recent rains that played havoc with crops of cotton, tomatoes, chilies, rice, sugarcane, and others. He demanded that farmers be also given interest-free loans to overcome financial losses.