Pakistan all set to add Hangor-Class Submarines

ISLAMABAD: The submarines equipped with the Air-Independent Propulsion, Hangor-Class, are set to be included in the Pakistan Navy next year.
According to the sources, the Hangor-class submarines were reportedly manufactured by China Ship Building Industry Corporation which will be scheduled to join the Pakistan Navy after launching and completing trials next year, while the remaining seven submarines will be consecutively incorporated into the Pakistan Navy in the following years.
The preparation of these Hangor-class submarines is a result of a significant defense agreement be-tween Pakistan and China in 2015.
As per the terms, four submarines are being constructed in China, and the remaining four are being built at the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works.
The development of Hangor-class submarines marks a historic milestone in Pakistan’s defense agree-ments.
These submarines will be equipped with the Submarine Air-Independent Propulsion System, enhancing the maritime capabilities of the Pakistan Navy. –Agencies