Zhuhai exemplifies innovation, co-op

GUANGZHOU: Since the establishment of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in 1980, Zhuhai has developed from a border town dominated by agriculture and fisheries to a central city in the Pearl River Delta, driven by comprehensive economic and social development. After 40 years of glorious development, Zhuhai has become a pioneer of reform and innovation, cooperation with Macao, ecological civilization, and quality living. “Zhuhai has explored a growth path featuring harmony between humans and nature, as well as coordinated economic and social development,” said Guo Yonghang, Party chief of Zhuhai. “It will make a further contribution to China’s overall development and reform and opening-up.”
In 2019, Zhuhai saw a gross domestic output of 343.59 billion yuan (about 50.4 billion U.S. dollars), up from 209 million yuan in 1979. The great leap in economic growth could not have been achieved without skills. In 1992, Zhuhai, for the first time in the country, gave a 1-million-yuan reward to scientific and technological personnel for outstanding contributions. Attracted by the policy, many skilled people with higher education backgrounds from all over the country came to Zhuhai and became the pioneers of building the border town into a modern metropolis with a focus on innovation.
He Liangmei, president of the printing supplies company Print-Rite, was among the first entrepreneurs to start a business in Zhuhai. Starting with a 300-square-meter manufacturing plant, the company has grown to be one of the country’s leading companies in the 3D printing industry, with several patents in ribbons, inkjets, lasers, and 3D printing. – Agencies