Zhejiang releases index on digital life services

HANGZHOU: Zhejiang Province, a digital economy powerhouse in east China, published an index on digital life services on Friday.
Jointly released by the Zhejiang Province E-commerce Promotion Center and Alibaba’s Ant Group, the index is expected to provide dynamic assessments and comprehensive analyses of new digital life services across the province.
The general index is a combination of three indices covering the fields of digital life infrastructure, digital life services and the individual consumption of digital life services, with three first-level indicators, 14 second-level indicators and 42 third-level indicators.
Judging from trial operation results, the general index increased by 21.8 percent during the reporting period, from late December 2019 to the end of July this year.
A few sub-indicators declined due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, but the overall trajectory of new digital life services in Zhejiang has been upward.
While the digital life infrastructure index took a hit in January and February, it has rebounded since March. By the end of July, it was up 33 percent, with surges of its sub-indicators, such as digital platforms, digital logistics and digital finance.
According to the provincial commerce department, the index will provide a quantifiable reference basis for the government to promote digital life services and improve digital governance. –Agencies