Zara Noor gets emotional while sharing her spiritual journey

By Abid Usman

Zara Noor Abbas is one of the top starlets in the Pakistani drama industry right now. She is currently seen in Jhoom opposite Haroon Kadwani. Zara is a celebrity who has always talked about the obstacles and pain she has faced in life openly and she also talks about the importance of mental health and making your health a priority. She was on Eram Saeed’s podcast recently ands eh opened up about her spiritual journey and how she became more close to Allah than ever before.
Zara shared that she has become a more practicing Muslim now after going through hell in life. Many people in our industry have left their careers for Islam including late Junaid Jamshed and now we recently saw Sanam Chaudhry and Anum fayyaz take that decision. Zara said that she does not agree with this approach and it makes her sad how many educated people are seen applauding others who will leave a profession like acting or singing.
She also shared that she is studying the Quran with translation and she tries to study one Surah per day.