Zaid’s beahviour in Mein divides fans

By Abid Usman

Mein starring Ayeza Kha and Wahaj Ali is getting millions of views. It is a different stry and it is difficult to completely sympathize with any character in this drama. Ayeza Khan is playing Mubashira and she has nailed the ego of the charater while Wahaj Ali as Zaid is not too positive either. Things are moving forward in the drama as Zaid and Mubashira are married now.
In the recent episode, we saw Zaid being rude and arrogant towards Mubashira. Zaid is being very disrespectful and Mubashira is not able to handle him at all but she does not want a divorce right now. Arrogance and egos are flying high in Mein and fans are also having double thoughts towards things that are happening.
Fans are divided as many think Zaid’s behaviour is unjustified while others think he is being rude now. Many also compared Zaid with Meerab from Tere Bin while Mubashira is Murtasim in this case.