Zaidi’s appointment as FBR head challenged in IHC

By Shakeel Ahmed

The appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) was challenged at the Islamabad High Court (IHC), media reported.

Ali Muhammad, a Grade-19 official of the FBR challenged Zaidi’s appointment in a petition filed in the high court, Zaidi was also made a respondent.

The petition requested the court that it must stop appointments from the private sector in the FBR.

“Shabbar Zaidi must be stopped from working as chairman FBR. The regular officers of the FBR must not be treated distinctively,” read the petition.

It also urged that the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as chairman of the revenue body should be termed illegal and insisted, “For the post, the appointment of a talented individual should be considered”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Zaidi as Chairman FBR earlier this month. The premier gave preference to him over Ahmad Mujtaba Memon – a Grade-21 career bureaucrat of the Pakistan Customs.

A chartered accountant by profession, Zaidi has vowed to bring administrative reforms in the tax machinery.

Six months back, the government had offered Zaidi the same position but he had refused to accept the job then.