Yumna Zaidi shares her weight loss secret

By Najia Waheed

Yumna Zaidi is one of the most famous actresses in our media industry. Yumna has been a part of our media industry since 2021. Since the beginning of her career, Yumna has maintained herself very well, but over the past few years, a major change has been observed in Yumna as she has headed towards a more healthy routine by shedding all the fats she has and now she has turned into a skinny girl.
Yumna Zaidi shared in an interview that whenever she is in America she eats freely because her family lives there and when she is with her family she considers it her vacation and party mode and she doesn’t pay heed to healthy eating. On contrary, in Pakistan, she follows a strict diet plan. She eats healthy and also workouts regularly. Yumna also shared that by following this diet plan and workout regime in Pakistan she has shed up to 10 kilos that she gained in America.