Youth events boost bonds among BRI countries

BEIJING: China has made progress in boosting the development of young people in countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.
In 2022, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League initiated a youth development campaign in countries and regions involved in the BRI with 10 State-run companies, such as Power Construction Corporation of China and China National Petroleum Corporation.
“Under the campaign, we held 18 international events in 14 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South Africa last year. These events covered areas like entrepreneurship, cultural and international communications and voluntary services,” Dong Xia, an official from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, said at a news conference on Wednesday.
Zhang Jin, secretary of the youth league of China National Petroleum Corporation, said that the company’s activities aim to foster a spirit of honor among young workers and encourage them to achieve their career goals.
China Petrochemical Corporation has organized skills training programs under the youth development campaign.
According to Zhang Kun, the corporation’s youth league secretary, its branch in Saudi Arabia has offered skills training to young people in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries and regions.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item