Yet another ‘national embarrassment’ for India


  • Indian army ‘Soormas’ stand exposed again
  • Indian government bid to elaborate Indian army’s ‘Special Forces’ backfires badly
  • The claims of operation inside Myanmar first denied by Myanmar, later the photos turned out to be fake
  • Government, Ministers chewing their butts after latest episode of national embarrassment.
  • Ajit Doval skipped BD trip to organize Myanmar drama
  • Earlier Indian Army’s Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadav, recipient of highest military award actually turned out to be a Kargil absconder
  • Indian government awarded Yadav with Posthumous Param Vir Chakra while he was found to be an absconder and alive, hiding at a medical facility. It was followed by the another episode in which another Param Vir Chakra recipient surfaced as another falsely cited Kargil Hero
  • Havildar Sanjay Kumar spotted wearing demoted ranks during a Republic Day Parade
  • India’s Kargil Hero found sick of Army service, looks for a private or civil job
  • Indian military officials made a variety of baseless citations to create fake Heroes after Kargil debacle


From Anjali Sharma

(Additional Reporting by Monjurul Islam in Dhaka and Maya Kaung in Yangon)

special-reportNEW DELHI- As if the pack of lies of Terror-Boat drama was not enough to earn a huge embarrassment for the Indian nation and as the nation was yet to come out of the trauma it went into after revelations of Fake Army Heroes in Kargil episode, Indian Army leadership and the Ministers at New Delhi have earned the latest global shame to Indian nation by citing and glorifying a fake military operation inside Myanmar by Indian Army which actually turned out to be whole Bollywood style scripted drama within 24 hours.

According to The Daily Mail’s investigations, Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval, skipped Indian Premier Modi’s State visit to Bangladesh as he had planned to release the Myanmar drama episode, synchronizing the same with the atmosphere that Modi was going to create against Pakistan during his BD visit. However, since the idea surfaced at the eleventh hour, the plan was executed with a haul of drawbacks and unprofessional handling by a few players and a media partner.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Doval had scripted that when Narendra Modi will set the stage against Pakistan through his speeches in Bangladesh, the drama of “ Cross-Border Operation against Terrorists” inside Myanmar would be staged back in New Delhi as a psychological warfare stint against Pakistan and to measure the level of reaction from Rawalpindi and not exactly from Islamabad.

Following the plan, Ajit Kumar Doval, whose name was sent to Bangladesh government as member of entourage of visiting Indian Premier earlier, skipped the visit at the eleventh hour and even the hosts at Dhaka were surprised not see Doval in Modi’s entourage. Things were going well according to the Doval Plan and Modi managed to stir the region with highly objectionable speeches against Pakistan. Just when the reaction over the same started pouring in from Pakistan, Doval launched the Myanmar drama and a low-key junior Minister and a likeminded media house, that played a very active role earlier in supporting the failed terror Boat Drama of Doval in January this year, were selected to unfold this drama in public as an act of acute bravery and chivalry by Indian army’s “ Special Forces” and to touch Pakistan in the punch lines of the episode.

However, since the game was organized in a rather haphazard manner and since it was assumed that the already grappling Myanmar government would not be showing any reaction over the Indian claims of ant-terror operation inside Myanmar, the drama backfired within less than 24 hours as President’s Office of Myanmar very strongly denied the same and after another few hours, the photographs, officially cleared by Indian Army as the photos of the said operation in Myanmar turned out to be fake and actually being from some other military operation many years back. The Indian media on Friday was buzzed with the news of the said photos being fake and different Indian officials were seen giving different justifications about the photos, though admitting that photos were not related to the said operation.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that this drama was organized in such a crude and rather outrageous manner that first the Indian government had to chew back its claims of holding “cross-Border anti-terror Operation” to a “along border Operation” and later it had to admit the released photos of the said operation as being fake. Not only this, the organizers of the said drama could not even finalize a figure of the killed terrorists in the said drama and some officials came up with 20 causalities of the ‘ terrorists’ during the operations while the others placed the tally of the same at 30 to 40 while the Media Partner came up with the claim of Indian Soormas killing over 100 terrorists during the ‘Operation’.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that making false citations for the so-called chivalries of Indian Army Officers and Soldiers and Officers is not something new but is in fact a very chronic phenomenon on part of Delhi. Particularly after the humiliating wounds that Indian army got from Pakistanis during the Kargil conflict, it had become very common in Indian army and on part of successive governments at New Delhi to portray Indian army personnel as glorified heroes to save the image of the Forces and to keep the moral high but in the process earned huge and absolute embarrassments for not only the army but for the entire nation as well.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that after the Kargil conflict was over, the Army Headquarters at New Delhi, that were stormed by controversies and massive criticism, not only for the debacle at the war front but also for the massive financial wrongdoings in the direction of procurements by army, directed all the commanders of the Kargil front to immediately submit citations for the bravery of the soldiers so that the pressure from the political circles could be minimized nonetheless to boost up the morale of the demoralized troops. These findings indicate that in the hasty compliance of strong orders from the headquarters, the commanders at Kargil made a variety of blunders and submitted many fake citations with the recommendations of top military awards including the highest and the most prestigious PVC award

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the wrong citations started surfacing soon and the biggest blunder in this regard emerged when the farcical episode of PVC recipient Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadave began to unveiled as Yoginder was found hiding at a military hospital in New Delhi while, following the fake citations of his commanders, the government of Indian awarded him with the posthumous (after death) PVC award. Yadav was finally proved to be an absconder from war front ( Kargil).

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that such allegations of financial embezzlements under the grab of combating a war with Pakistan and the accusations of below average performance by the troops rang alarm bells at the Military Headquarters in New Delhi and the top brass started taking all the measures for face saving and the hurriedly invited citations from the field commanders was the top step, taken under extreme pressure. These findings indicate that the first major baseless citation in this direction that hit the headlines of the media across the world was that of Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadave of the Gathak platoon of the Indian army. Yadave was awarded with Posthumous Param Vir Chakra in the light of the citations of his commanders for fighting with extraordinary bravery at Kargil front. However the international media, soon after the announcement of the award, discovered that the “brave martyred”, recipient of posthumous PVC award was not only alive but was hiding was actually an absconder who ran away from the war front by hiding himself under the bodies of some dead and critically injured fellow soldiers and managed to make it to a local field military hospital and from there, he managed to make it further to the main military medical facility at New Delhi with fake identification. His actual whereabouts surfaced when local and international media spotted him to be present, and present very much alive after the Indian government awarded him with the posthumous PVC award, causing great humiliation and immense embarrassment to both the Indian government and Indian Army.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that in a bid to overcome this outrageous blunder, the Indian Army begun a high-level inquiry into the “unpardonable mistake” of declaring one of the Param Vir Chakra winners, Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, dead, though he was actually an absconder and hiding in an army hospital in New Delhi. Senior army officers said it was at the Srinagar headquarters of the 15 Corps or Northern Command headquarters in Udhampur that the goof up happened.
These findings further indicate that the then Indian Army Chief General V.P Malik tendered an apology, while the Defence Ministry accepted the mistake. Chief of Army Staff General VP Malik ordered an inquiry and warned of severe punishment for those responsible for the outrageous mistake but nothing has happened till today but on the other side, Yoginder was not deprived of the award until the outcomes of the inquiry committee, which never came up with any conclusion, enabling an absconder to enjoy the honour of being PVC recipient, though he has never been any out of the turn promotion etc, to recognize his “bravery” while such promotions and benefits otherwise come as a package for a PVC recipient in India.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that recommendation for any gallantry award for a soldier is initiated by the commanding officer of a battalion to the brigade headquarters. From the brigade headquarters it is passed on after scrutiny to the divisional headquarters and from there to the corps headquarters. From the corps, after detailed discussion and correlation of the claims, it is the send to the command headquarters, where from it is forwarded to the army headquarters in New Delhi but it appears that in the Kargil case, everybody did everything on emergency basis, without following the set proceedures and thus committed serious blunders. “The Param Vir Chakra is awarded for rarest of the rare gallantry which is beyond the call of duty and which in normal life is considered impossible to do, but it seems that these pre-requisites never came under consideration in the process of awarding awards to Kargil fighters of Indian army, ” said Brig Singh, a former officer of the Indian army and now attached with a defence related think tank at New Delhi. He said a gallantry award is given for a particular act, and a soldier could win more than one gallantry award in a war for his different actions.
Another “Kargil Hero”, created through fake citations of the commanders surfaced as disgraced and outraged by none else by the Indian Army itself when he came to take part in the Republic Day Pravda at New Delhi in 2010 with a deeply dejected body language, wearing the demoted, downgraded ranks on his uniform, joining the “Fakes’ Club” of Indian war heroes where at least Grenadier Yonginder Singh Yadav was awaiting him.
Havildar Sanjay Kumar, a Param Vir Chakra recipient (awarded for showing extraordinary bravery during Kargil conflict), had already been downgraded to the rank of Lance Naik from the rank of Havildar while the Indian Ministry of Defense refused to give any explanations for this disgrace and demotion to the recipient of country’s highest military award.
Havildar Sanjay Kumar was “citied” by his commanders for “ fighting with extraordinary bravery during the Kargil conflict between India and Pakistan, more than a decade ago and was thus awarded the country’s highest gallantry award, the Param Vir Chakra and was promoted to rank of Havildar from the lowest rank of Rifleman. These findings indicate that Kumar was among the only three surviving soldiers who received the highest peace and wartime “honour”. Apart from the 13th Jammu and Kashmir Rifles soldier, Yogendra Singh Yadav of 22 Grenadier and Subedar Major Bana Singh (Honorary Captain) are the only other PVC recipients who are still alive.

The Daily Mail’s findings disclose that just like Grenadier Yadav’s case, Rifleman Sanjay Kumar was also falsely citied for bravery by his field commanders as he was seriously wounded after receiving bullets on chest as well as at the arms and was retrieved by the medical units in unconsciousness from the foot of a hill during the ceasefire hours. The Daily Mail’s findings indicate the a committee, that was formed to review the Kargil citations after the Yadav episode, disclosed that Rifleman Sanjay Kumar was also a fake hero., Kumar, in the meantime, was elevated to the rank of lance Naik and then to the rank of Havildar. In the light of the recommendations of the review committee, the Indian army decided not to make the new PVC blunder public and decided to hush-up the matter. However, later Kumar was not only demoted to the rank of Lance Naik but was also subjected to grave snubbing and humiliation by his seniors, making life miserable for the otherwise PVC recipient, in the army.

It is to be seen that how many of the Indian Soldiers now get Chakra Awards for bravery in Myanmar Operation??