Yasir Nawaz apologizes to Alizeh Shah in recent show

Ace Pakistani director and actor Yasir Nawaz Nawaz is famous because of his vocal and blunt personality. The actor never shies away from expressing his opinions about colleagues. A few years ago, he opened up about the gorgeous actor Alizeh Shah. He revealed that her behavior is arrogant and she’s quite unprofessional. This statement of Yasir went viral and millions of fans criticized Alizeh Shah in the light of his statements.

Now, the actor has given another statement about Alizeh Shah in which he apologized to Alizeh Shah. On the question, “What was your issue with Alizeh Shah or what was the matter that you had to come live for that?” Yasir Nawaz replied, “Please, forget about it, it’s an old story now, I have already talked a lot about it. You should leave that topic. I don’t want to discuss that. Alizeh, I want to apologize to you, I made a huge mistake, I should have not taken your name because I was not the maker of that drama, I could have kept quiet, may you stay happy, may you get a lot of good work, Pakistani drama industry needs an actor like you. I also pray to work with you. I have learnt with time that we should not fall prey to such questioning and propaganda. I am apologizing to you in Hassan Choudary’s show, I should have kept quiet in the previous show, any sane man should not name and shame anyone”. –Agencies