Xinjiang’s progress in Human Rights smashes lies, rumors

BEIJING: Despite repeated slanders by certain delusional foreign media and politicians, people in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are enjoying unprecedented human rights progress.
Some foreign politicians and anti-China forces have been spreading rumors and peddling completely fabricated claims about Xinjiang, most notably the “genocide” and “forced labor” accusations. Their despicable acts are part of an orchestrated campaign to undermine China’s enormous efforts to protect ethnic equality, discredit China, interfere in its internal affairs, restrict China’s development, and destroy stability and prosperity in Xinjiang, said a white paper titled “Respecting and Protecting the Rights of All Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang,” released by the State Council Information Office.
The rumors and lies misrepresent the historic progress that has been made on human rights in Xinjiang over the past more than 70 years. Such slanderous attempts to mislead the international community are doomed to fail. The achievements in Xinjiang and an ever-growing sense of gain, security and happiness among the local population from all ethnic groups are enough to smash the orchestrated smear campaigns against Xinjiang. The ethnic groups in Xinjiang work together in unity to achieve collective development and prosperity. The civil, political, economic, social, cultural rights as well as the rights of women and children and freedom of religious belief are effectively guaranteed in the region according to law. Facts and figures speak volumes about the steady progress in human rights in Xinjiang.
A conspicuous fact is that for more than four years since the end of 2016, there has been no terrorist incident in Xinjiang, thanks to the stringent counter-terrorism measures and efforts to curb extremism. – Agencies