Xinjiang HR Bill aimed to dent BRI, CPEC: DM Chief


By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai
ISLAMABAD: “The recent move by the Americans to ink a highly controversial legislation against China over HR issues against Muslims in China’s Uighur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang has nothing to do with Muslims of China but is merely a conspiracy and mischief, orchestrated to dent and rather sabotage the BRI and its important components like CPEC.”
These views were expressed by Makhdoom Babar, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Mail while participating in a live talk show of Chinese Media Group here yesterday
Makhdoom said that since Xinjiang was the most important region of China with regard to Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its most vibrant components like the CPEC, the desperate Trump Administration was making all out efforts and was shamelessly orchestrating all sorts of conspiracies and 5th generation warfare tactics to destabilize the peace and harmony of Xinjiang and to create unrest amongst the natives there.
“See, the major aim behind this move of American is certainly aims at provoking the religious sentiments of the people from adjoining Muslim States like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asian States, etc. If the US and its allied media will spread a narrative that Muslims are being killed and tortured by Chinese authorities, what could one expect from this? It obviously means that the architects of such baseless propagation want to generate anti-China feelings amongst the Muslims of these adjoining countries with crystal clear objective of dragging them to target China and Chinese nationals, inside China and in the countries where these Chinese are engaged on BRI related projects, with ultimately sabotaging the BRI idea and mission that includes the CPEC too, where Pakistan has just completed the elimination of religious extremism and terrorism,” asserted Makhdoom Babar.
He further said that in his opinion
there could be no bigger objective for the US to launch this outrageous move as Washington and its Capitol Hill big wigs knew it very well that they cannot befool the world by twisting the arm of China under the garb of White House’s love for Muslims in any part of the world.
Replying to a question in CRI’s Dosti Channel’s program Hamqadam, anchored by noted host Nasir Mahmood, Makhdoom said that there was no comparison between relations of America with Muslims and Islam and ties of China with Islamic Ummah and Muslims. “ Even if you want, you can’t draw any parallels between US and China when it comes to relations with the Muslim World.
China enjoys an exemplary history of tremendous relation with Muslims since ancient times, from the era of dynasties of different Emperors till today. Chinese leaders from ancient era to the age of today’s world, Chinese leaders have always enjoyed tremendous relations with Muslim leaders, Muslim traders and Muslim students and scholars etc. You still find a huge number of well-maintained ancient mosques in all parts of China which were built by Chinese Emperors for Muslim visitors and local Muslims.
The famous centuries old mosque of Xi’an is a perfect example to judge how considerate Chinese people and Chinese leaders have throughout been for Muslims and Islam. And even today, under the leadership of Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang there is no let up in this direction and the increasing number of huge mosques with topnotch modern facilities across China and particularly in Xinjiang are solid symbols of China’s respect, love and consideration for its Muslims and Islam,” expressed Makhdoom Babar, adding that on the other side, what was America doing to Muslims, particularly after 9/11.
He said that despite the fact Islam was the most rapidly growing religion in the US, the Muslims across America were living in a state of acute uncertainty and fear, completely contrary to the those Muslims, living in Xinjiang or other parts of China. He said that the political frictions of the US with a number of Muslim States and being part of anti-Muslim acts by Indians in Occupied Kashmir and West Bank was a fact, loudly telling that the US government could never be expected to care for Human Rights or religious freedom of Muslims.
He said after being part of unleashing hell on the Muslims of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, West Bank, Gaza and much more and after remaining mum over the ant-Muslim campaign by the Indian government across India and particularly in the Occupied Kashmir, how could Capitol Hill, the State department or the White House have cheeks to talk against China and too on the basis of concocted facts and fractured figures.
To yet another question, Makhdoom Babar said that religious harmony and social coexistence was ideal throughout China and particularly in Xinjiang. The peaceful coexistence in China by a huge number of ethnic groups that are around 55 or 56 speaks very loudly as to what was the state of affairs with regard to religious minorities over there.
The beauty of China’s social life is the diversity of social and religious cultures over there and all ethnic groups enjoy the spice of the culture of others and thus live happily, peacefully and progressively.