Xi stresses basic research for self-reliance in Sci-Tech

BEIJING: Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has called for strengthening basic research to consolidate the country’s self-reliance and strength in science and technology.
Xi made the remarks when chairing the third group study session of the Political Bureau of the 20th CPC Central Committee on Tuesday.
Xi said that strengthening basic research is an urgent requirement for achieving greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology, and it is the only way to become a world leader in science and technology.
He said that the Party and the country have always attached importance to basic research. At present, a new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation is advancing by leaps and bounds, interdisciplinary integration is growing, the paradigm of scientific research is undergoing profound changes, the integration of science and technology with economic and social development is accelerating, the application cycle of basic research is significantly shortened, and international competition in basic research is moving to the forefront, Xi said.
To cope with international sci-tech competition, achieve greater self-reliance, foster a new development pattern, and promote high-quality development, there is an urgent need to strengthen basic research and address key technologies from the source and from the bottom, Xi added. He stressed efforts to strengthen the forward-looking, strategic and systematic layout of basic research.
He said that the frontier science and technology in the world should be integrated with the major national strategic needs and economic and social development goals.
Xi urged efforts to coordinate frontier questions raised in light of the law of science development with theoretical questions drawn from major applied research, and sum up key scientific questions in basic research.
He also called for strengthening the feasibility studies and the selection and evaluation of major basic research projects, fully respecting scientists’ advice, and grasping the general trends to make an early start.
Xi noted that it is necessary to strengthen the country’s strategic strength in science and technology; promote strategic, frontier and market-oriented basic research in an organized way; and give full play to the role of national laboratories, national research institutions, high-level research universities and leading sci-tech enterprises. The country will optimize the layout of basic disciplines, support the development of key, emerging, less-popular, and weak disciplines, and promote interdisciplinary integration and research, so as to build a high-quality discipline system with comprehensive and balanced development, he added.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item