Xi pays tribute to youngsters


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BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday attached great importance to the growth of young people. Over the years, he has talked with them, exchanged letters and participated in youth events. The following are some highlights of his quotes concerning Chinese youth:
“Youth shines through hardships; life is elevated through hard work.
Young people, together with courageous frontline workers, are risking your lives to fight the COVID-19 epidemic at the forefront despite difficulties and dangers, demonstrating the youthful strength and vigor.
Chinese youth of the new era should carry on the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and shoulder their responsibility for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
The right direction for China’s young people today is to work hard with the people and forge ahead with the nation, and to serve the people and contribute to the motherland. The Chinese Dream is a dream of the nation and every Chinese citizen, including young people. Only by integrating individual dreams into the national cause can one finally make great achievements.
Young people should study hard and absorb knowledge like a sponge.
As the most dynamic and creative group of our society, young people should stand at the forefront of innovation and creation. Everybody is young once in their life. Now is the time for you to make the most of your youth; and the future is a time for you to look back on it”.
Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged young Chinese to hold firm convictions, stick to the people’s stance and develop genuine skills to devote themselves to the cause of building a great country.
Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the statement on Sunday when sending greetings to young people across the country ahead of China’s Youth Day, which falls on May 4.
Facing the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, young Chinese of all ethnic groups have actively responded to the Party’s call and participated in the all-out people’s war against the epidemic, said Xi.
Undaunted by hardships and dangers, they have charged ahead and dedicated themselves to serving the country, showing a high sense of responsibility and winning high praise from the Party and the people, Xi noted. “I’m very proud of you,” said Xi.