Wuhan tastes normalcy with sports event


WUHAN:  As an amateur high level table tennis player, Zhou Hansheng has won many table tennis titles. But the 64-year-old just participated in his most unforgettable tournament, the “Salute to Heroes,” which was held in Wuhan last week.
The 234 participants of the tournament included medical staff, serviceman, policemen, community workers, delivery men, volunteers, engineers, and construction workers, but they shared one name: the Heroes. The tournament is called “Salute to Heroes” and all the players are citizens who had fought bravely in the battle against the coronavirus in recent months. It was the city’s first sports event since the COVID-19 outbreak in January. Wuhan, once the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, has seen its urban life gradually return to normal. “I signed up as soon as I learned about the event,” Zhou said.
The tournament was held in Wuhan Gymnasium, which was once converted into a mobile hospital in February and admitted more than 300 COVID-19 patients.
“We have carried out several rounds of thorough disinfection,” Xu Yibin, director of the gymnasium said. “On June 15, we reopened to the public. At present, the number of citizens entering the venue is still fewer than before, but I believe it will gradually increase.” – Agencies