Writer ripped over fallacies on Xinjiang


DM Monitoring

URUMQI: The research reports conducted by Adrian Zenz, a German anti-China figure, on the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region since 2018 are packed with fabricated information and provocative conclusions including the existence of “forced sterilization”, “genocide against Uygurs” and “forced labor”, a report exposing irresponsible claims in his studies said. Zenz is not a “China expert” but a “thug” sponsored by Western anti-China forces that want to hinder China’s development with so-called Xinjiang issues, according to the report published by the Xinjiang Development Research Center.
Being a member of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in the United States and a right-wing religious extremist, his works are fraught with holes, misuse of data and absurd conclusions that demonstrate a clear political agenda, the report said. Furthermore, Zenz is also an accomplice of “East Turkestan” terrorist organizations that aim to separate the region from China, the report alleges. In his article, Zenz often quoted “people-in-exile” and “human rights defenders” sponsored by the US government to support his so-called academic points. Those people are just puppets and tools manipulated by anti-China forces, and Zenz himself is such a tool, said the center’s report, titled “Slanderer Adrian Zenz’s Xinjiang-related Fallacies Versus the Truth”.

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