World leaders hail CPC’s people-centered philosophy

BEIJING: Political party leaders across the world attending the Communist Party of China (CPC) and World Political Parties Summit via video link hailed the CPC’s people-centered philosophy as an important global inspiration, saying they are ready to enhance exchanges and cooperation with the CPC.
During his keynote speech at the summit, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese president, called on political parties worldwide to shoulder their historic responsibility for the pursuit of the people’s wellbeing and progress of mankind.
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, also president of South Africa’s governing party African National Congress, congratulates the CPC on the realization of the first centenary goal.
He said the historic achievement of eradicating absolute poverty in the largest developing economy on the planet was made because the CPC has placed the needs and the interests of the people at the center of its work, adding that the CPC is “a true, reliable and valued friend.” Nursultan Nazarbayev, chairman of the Nur Otan Party and first president of Kazakhstan, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has once again proven that only by maintaining partnerships and supporting each other can countries efficiently respond to global challenges.
He also said that as a friendly neighbor of China, Kazakhstan will always actively participate in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and cooperation within the framework of the BRI.
Dmitry Medvedev, chairman of the United Russia party and deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said over the past century, the CPC was able to successfully embark on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which paves the way for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Medvedev said that bilateral relations are constantly developing as the two countries are implementing large-scale projects both bilaterally and within the framework of inter-state relations.
Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, also president of the country’s Justicialist Party, said that Xi’s speech is “visionary and insightful.”
The speech can help political parties to reflect upon what kind of responsibility they should take, he said, calling on parties to strengthen cooperation and promote economic and social development in a bid to bring benefits to all the people.
Nguyen Phu Trong, general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, said the CPC has led the Chinese people to achieve major historic achievements over the past century.
He expressed the belief that under Xi’s leadership, China will continue to make new achievements and become a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful. He also said political parties in various countries should work with governments to actively address global challenges so as to bring happier lives to the human race. Miguel Diaz-Canel, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and Cuban president, said the CPC has explored a development path suitable for China’s national conditions and led the country in making great achievements. – Agencies