World confident in China’s virus fight

BEIJING: Dignitaries across the world have voiced confidence that China is fully capable of prevailing over the novel coronavirus outbreak.
“If there is any country in the world that has got the capacity to deal with this kind of crisis, it is China,” Raphael Tuju, a cabinet secretary in the Kenyan government, said in a recent interview with media.
China has the discipline, technology, organizational skills and spirit to fight the epidemic, said Tuju, who is also secretary general of the ruling Jubilee party. “We believe that they will win the battle.”
Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich, in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Chile Xu Bu, said he appreciates Beijing’s commitment to information sharing and transparency, as well as China’s swift and strong responses. “The Chinese scientists are working very hard to fight the disease,” the minister noted, adding that his country stands ready to work closely with China against the epidemic and believes China will win the battle.
In an interview with Xinhua, Gennadiy Onishchenko, the first deputy head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Education and Science, spoke highly of China’s “open, transparent attitude” in sharing the latest information about the epidemic.
“China has very advanced technology, and the government is responding promptly,” said Onishchenko, also a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. “I wish them success at this difficult time.”
In Belgium, Elio Di Rupo, former prime minister and incumbent minister-president of the Walloon government, said in an interview with media that China will succeed in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.
“Researchers around the world are trying hard to find a vaccine. I’m pretty sure there are thousands of Chinese scientists who are working to create a vaccine,” he said. “Therefore, we must remain optimistic.” In a letter to Chinese Ambassador to Austria Li Xiaosi, former Austrian President Heinz Fischer said he has been following the latest developments of the epidemic in China. “Austria will try to help as much as possible,” wrote Fischer, also president of the Austria-China Friendship Association. “We are confident that if everyone tries together, it will be possible to contain this disease as soon as possible and then eliminate it.” – The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item