Won’t let Nawaz become a hero, says Imran

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that they will not let former prime minister Nawaz Sharif become a hero, as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader is being arrested on corruption charges.

The PTI chief was addressing a gathering in Narowal, where he said that the PML-N leader has asked his workers to receive him at the airport.
Nawaz and Maryam are expected to leave London today evening and land in Lahore around 6:00pm on today (July 13).
Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison and slapped a £8 million fine (Rs1.3 billion) in the Avenfield properties reference while Maryam was sentenced to eight years with a £2 million fine (Rs335 million).
He said that those nations which do not differentiate between good and bad go into extinction.
“Anyone with a living conscience will not vote for the PML-N,” said Imran, adding that the PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif is a ‘conman’.
Imran said that the PTI has been struggling against corruption since 22 years.
He also advised his workers to show patience upon Nawaz’s return to the country.

“Shehbaz says their workers have been picked up. Ask us about people arrested during [the PTI’s 2014] protests,” the PTI chief said.

He also accused of Shehbaz of never taking part in a protest when the PML-N was in opposition, adding that PTI’s protests were for the country.