Won't allow anyone to rig polls, says Nawaz

MANDI BAHAUDDIN: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif said that they would not allow anyone to rig the forthcoming elections in the country.

Speaking at a rally here, Nawaz said that if anyone attempted to rig the elections then they would hold him accountable. “It is beyond the power of a person now to manipulate elections and whoever did so, he would suffer. Nation would punish him.”
He said that his enemies wished for him to go to prison but vowed that he would not abandon the masses even if he was inside the prison.
The former premier said that whatever promise he makes, fulfills it, adding, “The one who put an end to load-shedding and terrorism is attending hearings.”
“Yours and mine enemy wishes for me to go to jail; they strongly urge for me to be imprisoned,” he said, noting that he was hand-cuffed and exiled for seven years in the past.
“If it happened, even then I would not abandon you,” the PML-N supremo told the participants. “My voice will reach you, wherever I stayed.
“Today, I am coming here after attending 92nd hearing,” he said, referring to the hearing of Avenfield reference in Islamabad earlier today.
“Is there any politician in the country who attended more than five hearings?”
Nawaz said that he was not a coward, adding, “They must be thinking what kind of man they have come across.”
He told the participants that their votes were torn apart and thrown away.
“You will have to support Nawaz Sharif to the end,” the PML-N supremo told the participants of the rally, asking them to promise that they would get the sanctity of vote restored.

“Promise me that the next 70 years would be better than the past seven decades,” he added.

Ousted from the PM Office by the Supreme Court in July 2017, Nawaz has been rigorously campaigning with the slogan ‘give respect to vote’, a month and a half ahead of elections.
The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced July 25 to be the date for General Elections 2018.