Woman sexually harassed in Karachi

Bureau Report

KARACHI: A man repeatedly assaulted and raped a woman here after hypnotising her in the city’s Sachal area, according to a first information report (FIR) registered over the matter.
In her statement to the police, based on which the FIR was filed, the woman said she was waiting at the Punjab Bus Adda (or Stand) in Gulzar-e-Hijri when a car stopped and two men forced her to sit inside. At that time, there was another unconscious woman inside the car, she observed, adding that the kidnappers threw the other woman on the Punjab Bus Adda before driving off with her. She mentioned that the men took her to an apartment complex in the same area.
As the door opened, “a man looked into my eyes and blew something on my face that made me fall unconscious on the spot”, she said, adding that the man in the house severely beat her and sexually assaulted her multiple times and filmed the ordeal as well.
“That same man,” she continued, “left me in the public around 7pm,” which is when she called her sister who informed the woman’s husband.
Police subsequently carried out a raid at the apartment the survivor told them about and found another unconscious woman there. The alleged rapist escaped by climbing down the buildings’ pipes, they added.