Woman killed by sister, brother-in-law over alleged blackmail in Karachi

A girl confessed to killing her sister after a police investigation found that she was covering up the crime to make it seem like a burglary in Karachi, according to media.
The incident took place in Saudabad area of Malir.
Alveena, the victim’s sister, with the help of her fiancé, Mazhar, bludgeoned her sister to death using a knife.
Police recovered Rs 80,000 as well as six cellphones from the assailants.
Alveena, while speaking to the media, said that she was behind the crime along with her fiancé.
She claimed that the victim wanted her to befriend one of her friends identified as Abbas.
She claimed that her sister’s friends, Ahsan and Abbas, had made a lewd video of her and would threaten to blackmail her for a one-year period.
Alveena said she had repeatedly told her sister to delete the video and stop coercing her.
She said that she made the plan to murder her sister with Mazhar.
Alveena added that even Mazhar had told her sister to stop blackmailing her, but to no avail.
Alveena said they had stolen the phones and cash to make the incident appear as a burglary.
Mazhar told the media that Aleena would threaten to release the video if they did not give in to their demands.
He added that that caused so much emotional stress to Alveena that she would contemplate taking her own life or killing her sister.
Five days ago, the event took place in which it was made to appear that Alveena was also seriously injured.
According to her version of events, they were the only family members at home during the incident and the attackers stabbed Aleena out of retaliation.