Will visit UK next week to reopen corruption cases: Shahzad Akbar

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar said that government officials will visit the UK next week in order to get corruption cases reopened.

During a press conference held in the federal capital, Akbar said that an agreement with the UK government to reopen corruption cases is in place.

“We have requested the UK for cooperation for Ishaq Dar’s return though we do not have any agreement with the country for the transfer or deportation of accused persons,” Akbar said.
The PM’s special assistant further said Pakistan has solicited details of 33 companies from the National Crime Agency.
“We have increased the pace to counter challenges such as money laundering and corruption in mega projects,” he said.
“Matters pertaining to corruption are not limited to the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) anymore, a joint investigation team (JIT) is also looking into these cases,” Akbar told journalists.
Further, the PM’s special assistant said that the government is in talks with the United Arab Emirates and China for possible agreements to bring back money taken out of the country through illegal channels.
“We have inherited nothing from the previous government except for an economic crisis. Pakistan’s foreign debt of Rs30,000 billion and economic problems are a result of faulty policies of the previous government,” Akbar said, adding that political intervention had destroyed state institutions.
“The public sector deficit has exceeded beyond Rs100 billion and Pakistan was fast moving from the [FATF’s] grey list to black list yet the former leaders of the country were least bothered,” he alleged.
The accountability officer further said the government will pursue any traces of black money. “We will contact the governments of all countries where we find traces of illegally transferred money,” he said.