'Will not allow exploitation': CJP Nisar wants report on theft of water from River Ravi, Abasia Canal

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, while hearing a petition alleging that water is being stolen from the River Ravi and Abasia Link Canal by India, ordered the Punjab Irrigation Department Secretary Syed Ali Murtaza to submit a report on the matter by January 4,

“Why is India stealing our water?” the Justice Nisar enquired, asserting, “We will not let India steal Pakistan’s water.”

He added that the court would “not allow water to be stolen from poor farmers from the Abasia Link Canal.” He explained that stealing water from them was “synonymous to sucking their blood”.

The chief justice asked if the Punjab government was aware of whether India was stealing water from the Ravi river, and if so, what steps had been taken to remedy the situation.

The secretary, Murtaza, replied that water was not being stolen by India, to which the chief justice ordered that an operation be conducted by the Irrigation Department and police against those who steal water.

“We will not let anyone be exploited. Cases should be registered against those who steal water in Pakistan,” Justice Nisar thundered, adding that Murtaza should tell those in power that this was the top judge’s warning.