Why Nimra Bucha thinks working in showbiz is hard


By Aqifa Ameen

Nimra Bucha is a great actress and she has been giving back to back diverse projects like Churails, Kamli and now Ms Marvel. She is known for great project choices and her strong performance. Now, she will be seen in a very important role in Ms Marvel.
Nimra gave an interview to BBC where she talked about the struggles Pakistani actors have faced in the country. She was asked whether with the advent of social media, things have gotten better for the actors or not? She said that historically Pakistani artists have worked in a very difficult environment as they are a soft target.
She also said that things are still difficult for Pakistani artists. Even social media has only been the cause of more criticism for the actors. Pakistani actors have to tread carefully with what to put out there and what not and even in this era, working in Pakistan is not easy.