Why do Indians love to get mocked globally?

By Makhdoom Babar

On Tuesday, Indian government earned a fresh pack of shame when International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) flatly refused to entertain an Indian complaint, made with the global Aviation body against Pakistan.
India had complained to ICAO that Pakistan was not allowing India to use Pakistani airspace for Indian Premier’s aircraft, for his travel to another destination.
In their complaint, Indians sought ICAO’s interference to force Pakistan to comply with global Aviation rules and norms, since Islamabad was a signatory to the ICAO charter. To Indians’ immense embarrassment, ICAO replied that Pakistan had all the rights to allow or block its air space for any aircraft, carrying a State leader of any State as such aircraft fall in the same category in which the military aircraft are placed and therefore Pakistan was not in any violation of ICAO rules and regulations.
While, seeking intervention from a world body on Civil Aviation and crying to seek relief from them, Indian government very conveniently forgot that they were in utter violation of the rules and laws of even bigger World body, i.e. the United Nations and that too for over 7 decades.
One wonders, should the Indian government be termed idiot or shameless that they approached a world body for relief in civil aviation matters while on other side, it was blatantly refusing the whole world to give any relief in matters of Civil Rights and basic Human Rights to the people in that part of Kashmir that they were illegally occupying for decades.
The shameless Indian government, while seeking relief from a global Civil Aviation body, did not think even for a moment that with which face was it expecting a relief from a global body when it has itself blatantly been refusing the Global Human Rights Commissions’ recommendations, appeals of Global leaders and reports of almost all the relevant global bodies for relief to innocent people in Occupied Kashmir.
This is not for the first time that the shameless Indian politicians, spineless Indian Generals and outrageous Indian bureaucrats, along with a circus of their media buffoons have went out to befool the whole world with preposterous facts and farcical tales to actually earn merely stockpiles of laughter from all over the world, coupled with being found guilty of many other sins, crimes and in fact themselves providing more evidences and proofs of their own wrong doings.
If one starts from the 26/11 terror drama episode and going through the Kulbhushan Jhadev part, touching Balakot claims and ending up with fake EU delegation’s visit to IoK, just a couple of days back, it surfaces that perhaps the Indian Politicians, Generals, Spooks, diplomats and above all their Media Presstitutes, (as termed by none other but by former Indian Army Chief and State Minister for External Affairs General VK Singh), all are in deep love with getting mocked and laughed upon by the global community.
In this lust of earning more and more shame, they first felt accomplished when Widow of the top 26/11 victim the Additional Inspector General of Mumbai Police Mr. Ashok Kamte, Mrs. Kamte wrote a book and exposed that it was the Indian Police and Intelligence that organized 26/11 terror drama and how brutally killed her husband.
They had no answer to Mrs. Kamte’s quarries and question marks over 26/11 operation and with this silence, continued to keep world laughing on them with people like German writer Davidson coming up with a huge charge sheet against them in the shape of his book ‘The Betrayal of India’, to endorse internationally what Mrs. Kamte said domestically .
Similarly, after the arrest of the Indian version of 007 i.e. Commander Kulbhushan Jhadeva serving officer of Indian Navy with spying duties at Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), The ‘geniuses’ at New Delhi, first blatantly refused to accept him as being their spy but later took the quantum leap of reaching nothing less than International Court of Justice to seek ‘justice’ from yet another ‘Global Body’ for their ‘Innocent Citizen’ .
However, they only ended up in getting a certificate of Delhi being engaged in terror activities in Pakistan and its 007 actually being an active terror organizer in Pakistan, using the soil of Iran and Afghanistan and thus not only spreading terrorism in Pakistan but also sabotaging regional peace and harmony amongst regional States.
It remains a fact that Indians themselves provided all the material to help ICJ Judges to issue terror certification to Delhi with their media Buffon jumping in air as if India got some ISO Certification.
These Media Presstitutes and spineless Military Commanders of India, dancing to the tunes of their Netas (political jugglers ), at the time of Balkot strikes by Indian Air Force in jungles of Pakistani territory and later leaving an IAF Pilot in Pakistani custody with IAF jets being gunned down by PAF, came up with a pre-scripted tale of killing “350 terrorists” in the strike.
There Idiot Services Chief and Media monkeys continued to cover the shame of getting their own Jets downed by enemy, by elaborating the figur e of “350 causalities” for weeks, until the Indian Minister of External Affairs late Sushma Saawraj came forward, switched-off their Juke Box and issued the Official statement that there was not even a single causality in IAF’s Balakot strike and in fact Indian MiG was downed in Pakistan and IAF pilot was arrested and released later.
In the latest bid to befool the world and getting mocked by world in return, Indian NSA Ajit Doval who could not get more than the job of a Rural Area Police Chaowki In-Charge, prepared yet another “master plan”
Under this great plan, Doval, not officially, but through and NGO, invited some Nazi minded , far-right members of European Union in their Private capacities on a private trip to have some vacations in India and then sent them to Indian Occupied Kashmir’s selected spots with unprecedented security, (a place where Indian government did not allow even its own politicians and When Oppisiotion leader Rahul Gandhi went there, he was not allowed to even get out of the airport, a fact that added a great insult to the injuries of India’s sham DEMOCRACY)
Indian government then asked its media circuses to portray it as an official EU delegation. It was the EU secretariat that took a serious notice of the event and officially announced that EU had not sent any of its official delegation to India or Kashmir and whoever was on trip there, was there in private capacity and on a private trip.
The Daily Mail believes that by making such blunders in constant failed bids to befool the global community and that too merely on the basis of SHO-level plans by Ajit Doval and with the help of buffoons from globally exposed incredible and unrated media, Indian government should now seriously think about calling it a day and better think of doing it some other day
The Daily Mail is of the firm opinion that the world is now not ready to laugh further but is, in fact, getting into the mood of responding to these attempts with utter seriousness as is evident from the outcomes at ICJ, Global Human Rights Watch and lately ICAO and the EU headquarters as well as Wednesday’s report of Un office on Human Rights at Geneva.
The Daily Mail is not in a position to comment if General VK Singh was right or not while describing Indian media persons as Presstitutes but we strongly believe that Indian media needs to get back to professionalism if they really want to be recognized as professional journalist… otherwise General VK Singh’s description about them would get global acceptance and recognition, very soon and perhaps this could be the first time that an Indian General’s words would get global endorsement.