Why Aamina Sheikh doesn’t like interviews

By Aqifa Ameen

Aamina Sheikh is a famous Pakistani drama and film actress. Aamina Sheikh has previously worked as a fashion model too. Aamina Sheikh has worked in plenty of dramas and has won 4 Lux Style Awards. Aamina Sheikh’s movie Cake got commercial as well as critical acclamation. Despite being a famous actress Aamina Sheikh doesn’t appear in many interviews.
Aamina Sheikh in her recent interview with Sonia Rehman shared why she doesn’t appear in interviews too often. Why you avoid interviews? asked Sonia Rehman. “Because a lot of time has been passed since I am doing this work and no one asks me new questions, same old questions” Aamina continued “These are the same questions whose answers can be easily found on google by audience” “If we are getting older with time, the question should also get older,” said Aamina.