Who’s the better Mukho: Meera Vs Mahira?

By Huma Yasir

Meera Jee is one of the most successful Lollywood actresses of the 90s. She has many films and dramas to her credit and has shown the world multiple times how good she is. Yes, over the years Meera has gained fame for getting into controversies and giving statements that catch the eye of the public but she is a great actress which cannot be denied.
Mahira Khan is the superstar of today and she has an image of professionalism and humility. She is also talented and she has an eye for good scripts. The actress just performed the role of Mukho Jatti in the blockbuster film The Legend of Maula Jatt and she got a mixed response as the film was in Punjabi and Mahira does not speak the language.
Meera has earlier said that Mahira was not the right choice for the role and as she was a guest in Hasna Mana Hai, she clarified that what she means is that Mahira does not speak Punjabi fluently and that is why she pointed out her role. She then also gave a glimpse of performance if she had played Mukho instead.