WHO voices concern over lifting virus curbs


Foreign Desk Report

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation (WHO) in a letter addressed to Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid has recommended that the country impose an “intermittent lockdown” to curb the spread of Covid-19, noting that the country doesn’t meet any prerequisites for lifting restrictions as was done on May 1 and then on May 22
The letter dated June 7 has been penned by Dr Palitha Mahipala, WHO Country Head for Pakistan, and states that the coronavirus has spread to almost all districts in the country, with major cities making up a majority of national cases.
“Government intervention on April 12 detailing social distancing measures, including movement restrictions, closure of schools and businesses, international travel restrictions, and geographical area restrictions were instituted with the aim of limiting the spread of the disease.” However, the partial relaxation of restrictions on May 1, followed by a complete relaxation on May 22, has caused the rate of infection to increase, the letter noted.