Who knew and what actually led to Paris carnage


  • Indian NSA Ajit Doval has been maintaining close liaison with Daesh or ISIS
  • Leaked letter of Indian Home Ministry reveals the India knew that a mega terror episode was in the making
  • Indian government put its own agencies on high alert but did not share the info with anyone across the globe
  • Movie, ’From Paris with Love’ appears to be the main motivation for perpetuators of Paris attacks
  • Luc Besson’s movie, despite targeting Pakistan and China, elaborated the possibilities of easily organizing a terror network within Paris with the concept of suicide attacks

special-reportFrom Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma in New Delhi and Cherry Ferguson in London 

Though Deash or ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the cold blooded Paris carnage  and the French President has declared the same as an act of war, yet it appears that Indian intelligence agencies and Delhi’s Ministry of Home Affairs had the knowledge that Deash was planning a mega terror attack in some part of the world but Delhi did not share this information with anyone across the globe but made all extraordinary security arrangements for its internal security, reveal the preliminary  investigations by The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that that India’s National Security Advisor who is also the former Chief of India’s Intelligence Bureau and headed a variety of IB’s foreign operations in the region and even beyond regional ambits, carried out a series of open and secret visits to Iraq and Syria in  2014. During these visits, he held high profile meetings with Daesh leadership. In these meetings, he proposed them to establish a nexus with Pakistani Taliban who are on the run and very deeply require a blanket arrangement like being tagged with Daesh like organizations. These investigations further indicate that Ajit Doval flew at different occasions in the last few months of 2014 to Damascus and used certain elements of Syrian intelligence agencies that had contacts with the ISIS or Daesh, in their private capacities.

It remains a fact that though ISIS had declared war on Syria, yet, there were many State and non-State actors who were friends and facilitators of the armed rebels. These State and non-State actors were holding old ties with Ajit Doval ever since his joining of the Indian IB. The investigations of The Daily Mail further reveal that Ajit Doval had misused the then Syrian Ambassador in New Delhi and took a handsome data of Deash activists to establish contacts. Doval deceived the Syrian envoy by ensuring the unwitting Ambassador that through this data, Indian government will try to help Syrian government in hunting down Daesh.

In a 2014 media interview, Syria’s Ambassador to India, Riad Kamel Abbas claimed that his country had vast databases of information on the militant group Daesh (or ISIS), its sponsors and its designs. He admitted that same data was shared with India through India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. ” We have huge information on this group and their sponsors from the region. We shared all information with Indian NSA in this fight against terrorism. Some nationals from India’s neighboring countries have also joined ISIS and, therefore, could trouble Delhi in future.” Ambassador Raed Kamel said in his interview, without realizing that the data, he and his government shared with India, was actually attained by Indians to establish fresh links with Daesh fighters. Purposely, to bring them to the focal point of collaborating with Pakistani Taliban.

In another rare development, Indian TV Channel ‘India TV’ , Indian newspaper The Hindu and a US media organization claimed that Ajit Doval carried out a “Top Secret Visit” to Iraq, in 2014. These media reports suggested that Doval’s visit was apparently part of India’s diplomatic efforts and help for stranded Indians in Iraq. However, these reports do not explain as to why such an otherwise diplomatic visit was kept Top Secret by India? The Daily Mail’s investigations however indicate that it was only after such Doval trips to Syria and Iraq that the fabricated and premeditated news of certain Pakistani Jihadi elements leaving for Syria, followed by the similar natured news of the TTP’s announcement of supporting Daesh, started appearing in international and specially in the Indian media.

A Similar Top Secret visit was also carried out by Ajit Doval to Iraq on June-25, 2014. At that time, this visit was carried out under the garb of bringing home some 46 Indian nurses, stranded in Tikirit, a mission, which by no means, required a secret or open trip by an official of the level of National Security Advisor of India, until and unless the trip had a further classified purpose.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that there appears to be very clear possibility of Indian government being in knowledge of Daesh preparing for a mega terror attack somewhere in the world but it never shared this knowledge with anyone across the globe. A top secret letter by Indian’s Ministry of Internal Affairs ( Internal Security Division-I) that reached to certain journalists through their respective sources, directed all related Indian security agencies on 9th November 2015 to get prepared for an imminent terror threat and to maintain a high alert for at least 15 days in the country.

Facsimile of the leaked top secret letter of Indian Ministry of Home Affairs

The surfacing of this letter indicates that Indian government was most probably aware of  that Daesh was preparing for  a mega terror act, though it might not be knowing the exact target venue, yet it did not share this information with anyone. There is also a possibility of Indian NSA being personally involved in motivating Deash for this act with the connivance of Israeli intelligence Mossad. It is worth mentioning here that Israel has been very annoyed with France for Paris holding a rather soft corner for Palestinians and just last year Israeli  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned France that it would be a “grave mistake” for the French parliament to follow the suit of several other European nations in recognizing a Palestinian state in a vote scheduled early December, 2014. The attack on French Magazine Charlie Hebdo just some two months after this Israeli warning to France is also linked to Israeli intelligence as a bid to make negative impact on France’s view about plight of Palestinians. Though the attack was portrayed to be carried out by some masked Muslims, in reaction to a blasphemous act by the magazine management.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the Paris carnage also appears to be motivated and inspired by a movie, written and produced by a French Writer and Producer Luc Besson who is known in the global clandestine community for having very close connections with Israeli intelligence Mossad. Luc Besson’s movie “ From Paris with Love”, released a few years back, appears to the main inspiration and guideline for the Paris attacks of Friday. From Paris with Love, though apparently targeted Pakistani and Chinese drug dealers, yet it very smartly floated the idea of possibility of a large scale armed  attacks by religiously motivated terror attacks in the heart of Paris. This movie floated the idea that French Intelligence and French police were so naïve and incompetent that they could not have any idea of presence of huge quantity of arms and explosives and that too with terrorists, right in the middle of Paris. This movie also showcased the idea of using French nationals for suicide terror attacks and preparation of bombs and suicide jackets within Paris. It was Luc Besson’s From Paris with love that for the first time showcased Paris a very vulnerable spot for executing a mega terror attack as before this very movie, Paris was just known to the global audience for being a very peaceful tourist attraction and for its tales of romance. It was this movie that appears to have inspired the perpetrators of Paris carnage as this movie comprehensively explained that how a terror attack could indigenously  be planned and executed in Paris without really inviting foreign operators.  It was this movie that displayed the possibilities of transporting any banned item into France under different privileges.  And it was only this movie that showcased the possibility of even using the shoulder mounted missiles on the roads of Paris as a very convenient and smooth job.