WHO expert hails China’s efforts in virus combat

BEIJING: A World Health Organization (WHO) expert on Sunday commended China’s efforts and hailed its experience in containing the COVID-19 outbreak.
“I appreciate the experience of China,” said WHO Representative in China Dr. Gauden Galea, at an international conference for public health cooperation during the ongoing 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing. Chinese researchers publicly shared the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus at a very early stage, and contributed many key scientific insights in published papers related to COVID-19, he said. These efforts offered essential preliminary knowledge of the epidemic and information about clinical features and containment measures, he added. Dr. Galea also highlighted the importance of removing health system barriers. Speaking of global engagement, he pointed out that China is now one of the leaders in the rapid progress of vaccine research internationally.
“It is not one country alone that can handle the epidemic,” Dr. Galea said, calling for more cooperation, global communication and building solidarity in the fight against the epidemic. – Agencies