While World battles virus, India rattles Kashmir

-Delhi bids to divert virus debacle issue with new conspiracy in Kashmir
-Bringing new Domicile law in IOJ&K out of nowhere part of big game
-Move, coupled with formation of sham Delimitation Commission to ensure minority dominated governments in disputed valley
-All set for electoral engineering for BJP in IOJ&K future polls through shame Commission
-Quislings like Altaf Bukhari all set to form next puppet Govt in IOJ&K
-New conspiracy poised to organize neo-slavery and colonialism if world remains silence

By Makhdoom Babar

While the entire global community is grappling to the Coronavirus pandemic and amidst the highly dangerous public health situation across India, New Delhi has hatched a unique conspiracy against the natives of its occupied part of disputed valley of Kashmir by announcing a new set of laws for Indian-administered Kashmir, including domicile rights for Indian citizens, that experts and residents fear will alter the demographic status of the Muslim-majority Himalayan region. It is a move that the global observer are terming as a bid by Modi and his cronies like Ajit Doval and Amit Shah to divert the focus from governance debacle that emerged out of foolish decision by the Indian Prime Minister of suddenly locking down the entire 1.3 billion populated country for 21 days under to Coronavirus spread fear, without making any arrangements or contingency plan. Under the new law, those who have resided for a period of 15 years in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir or studied for a period of seven years and appeared in Class 10/12 examinations in educational institutions located in the region are now eligible to become permanent residents.
The announcement came nearly eight months after the Indian government stripped the disputed region of its limited autonomy that had protected the region for decades from demographic changes.
The new law announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs also provided domicile status to the children of central government officials who have served in Indian-administered Kashmir for a total period of 10 years.
International observers are viewing the new conspiracy by New Delhi as a major step towards change of IoJ&K’s demography which, coupled with delimitation of Electoral Constituencies in IOJ&K, for which Indians already constituted a Commission on 6th of last month which is set to ensure minority dominated puppet governments over there in future.
The experts say that BJP will get greater number of seats through the electoral engineering by the said sham Delimitation Commission.
These experts are of the firm opinion that Quislings like Altaf Bukhari, along with other turncoats in Apni Party will most likely form the next puppet state government in IOJ&K. they are of the view that a new fraud is being orchestrated in broad day light and say global silence on this organized mass neo-slavery and colonialism would tantamount to partnering the crime. They say that the selection of the time for this mega conspiracy by Delhi crystal clearly proves that it is a organized crime as otherwise the pandemic challenge was a much bigger issue to deal with and such moves could have been exercised later.
The Indian government changed the geographical and political status of the Indian-administered Kashmir region on August 5 after it abrogated Article 370 – a law that restricted rights over jobs, scholarships and land to the permanent residents of Indian-administered Kashmir. Retired Indian Air Vice Marshal KapilKak, who has challenged the abrogation of Article 370 in the Supreme Court, said it is “a permanent resident by stealth”. “It should worry the Kashmiris.” “The effect of this notification would be felt in [the] Jammu [region] because there are not many people who have come into Kashmir in the last 15 years,” he told media.
While the law has triggered fear among Kashmiris about the “permanent settlements by the outsiders”, the experts say it will lead to “demographic flooding”.
On the other side, Indian Occupied Jammu& Kashmir’s top political parties have highly criticized and opposed the Centre’s new domicile laws. Former Chief Minister and National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah described it as “an insult being heaped on injury”. “The law offers none of the protections that had been promised. It’s hollow. It has come when all our efforts and attention should be focused on the COVID outbreak,” said Abdullah.
A party spokesman Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said several States like Himachal Pradesh have land rights that are adequately safeguarded by domicile laws but no such provision is included in IOJ&K’s domicile law. “It’s shocking, a tehsildar has been empowered to dole out domicile certificates. It’s discriminatory to J&K’s residents,” he said. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Surinder Choudhary said the Centre’s order “is frighteningly ambivalent, irresolute and akin to rubbing salt to the people’s wounds”. “It’s ill-timed, very badly drafted and the outcome of confused and chaotic bureaucracy. It should be immediately rolled back. The people in the corridors of power are playing mind games with the perturbed people of J&K, battling hard times for decades,” said Singh.
A spokesman of the Peoples Conference (PC), headed by Sajad Lone, said: “It’s humiliating and insulting. Doing away with district and divisional recruitment is an affront to the concept of affirmative action. The Centre has embarked on an erroneous path and seems to be in no mood to rectify wrongs.”
He said just the lowest rung Class 4 jobs have been reserved for locals. “Ironically, the order has come in the dead of night and in the middle of one of the worst medical disasters facing the world,” the PC spokesman said. CPI(M) leader M.Y.
Tarigami said the law has escalated fears among the locals of losing not only jobs but also land to outsiders. “After some time the majority of posts will be held by non-locals. A 15-year and 10-year cap is primarily meant for children of security personnel and other central government employees. After five years, they will settle them here,” asserted Mr. Tarigami.
He said unlike the tribal areas of Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim, where people from rest of the country can’t buy land, only J&K was being targeted. “The arbitrary decision of the BJP government to revoke Articles 370 and 35-A was the murder of democracy. The manner in which the Centre is dealing with J&K is a grave warning about the danger posed to erstwhile State’s rights and federalism. Such moves have to be unitedly opposed,” added Tarigami.