Violation of electoral rules at COMSATS University

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The ASA-CUI Islamabad chapter has noticed serious violations, irregularities, and manipulations of electoral rules/laws, in the ongoing electoral process of statutory bodies elections being held on 14th February 2023. The caretaker election commissioner has technically excluded and disqualified some prominent contestants from the electoral process by self-interpretation of election rules. The electoral list has been changed, to exclude contestants from the already published contestants list, which is against the election norms and is an electoral crime. Nominations have been changed after the expiry of the submission time, before publicizing the list of contestants. Many contestants have been disqualified without following any explicitly written rules.
It is of prime importance to mention that the nominee of registrar for the Islamabad campus (who is also the caretaker election commissioner) has changed the seconder for one nominee to himself to accommodate him. This is a serious manipulation where the caretaker election commissioner is involved himself. It makes his impartiality doubtful and raises questions about the whole process of the election.
Apparently, the caretaker election commission is being influenced by certain quarters to benefit them, showing bias. In the prevailing scenario, it is impossible to elect all members of statutory bodies, hence a question mark on the fidelity of the electoral process.
It appears that technicalities have been invoked to sacrifice robust academic representation at the altar of motivated interpretation. ASA-CUI Islamabad campus rightfully demands immediate action in this regard, including, suspension of caretaker election commissioner/nominee of register for Islamabad campus, and appointment of an unbiased person. The restoration of electoral rolls, and hence the contestants. An independent inquiry should be conducted, to investigate the rigging of the electoral process.
The faculty of CUI reserves the right of approaching all quarters for sake of implementation of rules in true spirit and sense in the electoral process.