Viewers stunned by Ali Rehman Khan’s look in Guru trailers

By Aqifa Ameen

Intersex community in Pakistan commonly called Khawaja Sira have experienced oppression and violence since ages. They have been an integral part of the society but could not even identify as their true self on their ID cards for years.l Only a few years ago they got their due recognition and many people in the community are playing their part to uplift the community. Now, they are also finding space on television as we just saw a mainstream hero Muneeb Butt play an intersex character in Sar e Raah and now it is Ali Rehman Khan who will take up the role of Guru in the upcoming Express Television drama Guru.
Guru is traditionally the head in a Khawaja Sira household, a senior who takes care of the household and is responsible to raise many intersex kids who are left by their own parents at their doorsteps. Looks like Guru will show us a similar story and Ali Rehman Khan is totally looking the part.