Uzbek religious sites open doors after months of lockdown

TASHKENT: Mosques, churches and other religious organizations have resumed their activities on Monday after almost five months as the country started easing COVID-19 lockdown measures last week.
The special commission to combat COVID-19 spread said that the religious organizations must comply with all sanitary standards like wearing masks and gloves, keeping social distance and measuring the body temperatures of attendees.
However, the commission said some restrictions remain intact, for example Friday prayers at mosques, and other congregational gatherings on Saturday and Sunday are not allowed.
Uzbekistan has started a second-phase lockdown easing from Aug. 15, including restoring domestic air and rail traffic and reopening hotels, cafes and restaurants, as well as sports centers and museums.
So far, Uzbekistan has registered 35,513 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 234 deaths and 30,973 recoveries. –Agenices