Usman Peerzada talks about his love marriage with Samina Peerzada

By Huma Yasir

Usman Peerzada is a famous Pakistani television, theater and film actor. He is one of the co-founders of Rafi Peer Theater. He is happily married to the gorgeous famous Pakistani actress Samina Peerzada. The two got married in 1975 and together they have two daughters Anum and Amal Peerzada.
Recently, Usman Peerzada talked about his love marriage with Samina Peerzada in detail. Talking about it he said, “We met in 1973 and got married in 1975. I met with her at a very romantic place in Chaklala because Ptv’s studio was located in Chaklala, Samina’s cousin was playing my daughter’s character in a play, we met on the set of the drama, then Samina’s cousins also told her about my reputation which was obviously good. We went one day and got nikahfied and came back home. Also, when I went to Karachi before marriage, I visited her place, I came to her place, her mother got shocked to see me because I was a popular actor whose hit serial was already airing on television, I told Samina’s mother, ‘I could have met your daughter outside but I came to your place instead, I wanted to meet her and I chose her house for meeting, can I meet her, so this was the kind of proposition no one has ever given to his future mother in law and I think it worked”.