US strategy looks more like a sleepwalk

The Joe Biden administration’s leadership of the US is looking increasingly like a sleepwalk. The COVID-19 origins-tracing report, written by 18 US intelligence agencies, is simply a mess. In the report, only criticism of the Chinese government remains clear. What’s more, the US intelligence agencies and the administration got the situation in Afghanistan completely wrong, leading to a humiliating and debacle-style retreat. Biden claimed that US mission in Afghanistan “was accomplished.” However, the horrific ISIS attack on Kabul airport that killed 13 US soldiers and more than a hundred Afghans slapped him right in the face. In addition, the US is witnessing a rebound of epidemic with over 200,000 new cases of COVID-19 infections every day. The US’ seeming prosperity, sustained by printing a large amount of cash, is facing serious risks. There has been no sign of reaching any achievement of the goals set as early as the former president Donald Trump era – attracting manufacturing back to the US and improving the quality of domestic employment. When it comes to politics, partisan fighting continues to polarize. In short, Biden’s presidency has done nothing to bring the US together. The “incompetence” of Biden and his team is a feeling shared by many. Republicans have been hyping it up vigorously. Moreover, many Democratic supporters are also disappointed at his performance, believing that he has failed to live up to people’s expectations. But in our view, the incompetence of the ruling figure is the result of a degenerating American system, which is unable to reform itself. American leaders lack experience in solving difficult problems, and the US society is unable to form a collective force. They often deal with major issues based on their subjective wishes, which requires the support of overwhelming resources. They cannot bear twists, turns and setbacks. Any adverse change may easily lead to an endless delay of fixing issues. The US wants to gang up with its allies, pooling resources to engage in a comprehensive strategic competition with China. The mentality has spread easily in the US, leading to an overwhelming trend. As a result, it turned into an issue of black or white, which is in line with the US gene of polarizing the politics. For instance, the Biden administration proposed an infrastructure plan in an almost planned economy way just because of China’s successes in infrastructure construction. The US abandoned Afghanistan and fled the country because it needs to concentrate on its competition with China in the Western Pacific. The US is too impetuous to implement a set of detailed withdrawal plans. And it has paid a heavy price for this. As for the fight against COVID-19, neither Trump nor Biden dared to truly face up to science. Both have been going with the flow while making up excuses and telling lies. Eventually, it is all about pursuing self-preservation both personally and in terms of factional politics.
–The Daily Mail-Global Times News Exchange Item