US seeks ‘peace deal’ in Afghanistan, but elsewhere blind to peace 

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

The United States of America, the so called leader of the democratic world and the preacher of Human Rights on the globe, seem to be in desperate need of deal talks with the Taliban negotiators as Zalmy Khalilzad is swinging around to get the job done, keeping in view of the shifting mood of President Donald Trump, he needs luck in his pursuit of Afghanistan peace deal.

Many would firstly disagree with terming it peace deal as ethically this doesn’t seem right, you go to other countries, wage war, kill people, destroy their economy, and at the end when you get depressed of it when see no end then you voice for come to table and negotiate, some would applaud this call but others would say, hey why didn’t you think this over at the first place. Now, even with withdrawal of US, Allies Forces and the ultimate so called peace deal, the peace in Afghanistan will not be felt or seen in coming decade. Let’s move forward and leave this peace contradiction aside.

It was no other than Trump who abruptly called off peace talks with Taliban and recently again it was him hinting talk resumption. Pakistan has always welcomed the US-Taliban talks and though this resumption is no different, as Pakistan encourages all parties to the conflict to engage constructively. Just like Pakistan other neighboring countries hopeful for peaceful region such as China has been on the frontline, they desire peaceful region and appreciate economic growth and development of neighboring countries. For this reason, they stress on talks resumption and suggest way forward for the regional countries to put efforts together for better, prosper region and peace and stability in the countries.

Both China and Pakistan keep holding meetings in their respective countries with sole purpose to provide opportunity for Afghanistan government and Taliban leaders to come to table and sort out the issue. But these two aren’t the only countries, there are other countries who wish prosper Afghanistan such as Turkey, Russia, and Iran. They also show efforts to resolve this two decade long conflict. Though, the only point that has been making hurdle for peace is the US/NATO withdrawal. On this, US don’t seem to be willingly as this would display bad image, 18 years long war and what is the result? What did US achieve, I bet nothing but lost much i.e. Soldiers lives, and the traumatic experienced ones returning home are seen and documented to be living on the street in US. There are many documentaries, if one want to see, do search online and lastly, I wouldn’t go to the details of economic factor but so far in studies suggest, US has spent in trillions.

Spending trillions might be okay for the biggest weapon supplier, The US but one must look at the lost of human lives in the so called war on terror which as estimated as 801,000 (the figure might be higher as these are the reported deaths), the number just count the deaths, and not include injured or mental distressed. the mentioned figure is stated in Brown University report on the Cost of War. The report also found that so far the reported expenditure on war on terror are 6.4 trillion dollars (this amount could be way higher as most of the expenditures are never reported publically).

It’s not the only study, there are bundles of other studies mounting the same voice to the world that war has given nothing else but countless destruction to not just the place where the actual war is taking place but the region and beyond. The US is almost behind ever crisis around the world, whether it’s in Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, Libya, Bosnia, Bolivia, Turkey, Middle East, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Afghanistan or Africa.

Why does some believe US to be behind every mess, is because they remember Hillary Clinton smiling and mocking the death of Qaddafi, they remember Saddam Hussain and the Tony Blair confession. Also, the revelations of Edward Snowden continues to circulate in electronic and print media. There are countless examples but one wonders, will the world ever get up to face any who do such acts for riches, when there are other alternatives.

The US aim always remains either minerals or influence which is the root cause for US intervention that causes destruction. This greed never stops and the world continues to burn where those who raise voice disappear in shadows and thus the issue becomes voiceless then the truth stays in shadows. Although, there are many peace loving people, young and old, they continue to come to light sometimes as whistleblowers, sometime as journalists, sometime as humanitarian activists, all of them bring actual facts, the evil motives and though the global citizens for a moment see the true villain but then the villain propaganda succeeds and again they become the angels, though this pattern continues but this pattern will not be eternal.

To conclude, was it worth after 18 years war in Afghanistan and to leave  countless dead and double injured, widows, orphans. Is it logically acceptable after 18 years calling for peace deal, what was the plan then, was it to destroy the country because Taliban were ruling it. those who you supported back when Russia was the invader, was it included in the plan to return them power after two decade long war. This is insane, the US should first apologies for making bad decisions and then leave their country in peaceful manners. While, continue to contribute to Afghanistan economy and development for at least three decades.

The Americans need to learn from China in this regard, they are peacefully and mutually collaborating with the BRI countries for regional and global development. While never intervene in other country’s affairs but remains bridge in peaceful coexistence.

— The Author is a staff member of The Daily Mail.