US politicization of COVID-19

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the US on Friday released a so-called summary of the intelligence community assessment on COVID-19 origins. There are three main points: First, the intelligence community remains divided on the most likely origin of COVID-19; second, it denies that the virus was developed as a biological weapon; third, it continues to smear and slander China. Some US media have previously stated that this may “disappoint” US President Joe Biden. Biden ordered the US intelligence community to conduct this investigation in May. The move was ill-intentioned from the very beginning, trying to produce a report to frame China. The US intelligence community has worked very hard, but they spent 90 days and still did not find any clue that met their expectations. There is no material that can be hyped anymore by the deadline, and it can only concoct a so-called investigation report to confuse the public, and continue its tricks of speculation and smearing. The US’ plot to frame China has once again failed. Some may ask that since the US had already preset a conclusion first, why did the US intelligence community fail to even falsify evidence this time? After all, it has done this before. As is known to all, the US intelligence community once used a small bottle of “washing powder” as evidence that Iraq sought to obtain weapons of mass destruction. The US also funded “white helmets” to make fake videos and accused Syria of using chemical weapons against its civilians. These are typical acts of framing. But these tricks are indeed hard to implement against China. The COVID-19 origins tracing is a major global issue, and people are all watching. Besides, facing the US’ vicious and slanderous farce, China itself has sufficient capabilities to identify the information, defend itself and make counterattacks. The US intelligence community dares not make a lame “washing powder” scheme to slander China, but they have tried their best to do it in a more concealed way. The main tone of this so-called investigation report and the White House’s statement is still to pass the buck to China, falsely claiming that their futile work is due to China’s hindering of the global investigation. Biden also said in the statement that the US will continue to work with “like-minded partners” in origins tracing. These moves have revealed the US’ arrogant and unreasonable true face – it still wants to make China look like the biggest “suspect” although it does not have conclusive evidence. COVID-19 origins tracing should have been a purely scientific issue. Biden demanded intelligence agents to do scientists’ work, his intentions and results can be imagined. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially released the WHO-China joint report on coronavirus origins as early as March, which is an authoritative, scientific and professional report. China twice invited WHO experts to carry out investigations in China and met all their visit requirements without any restrictions. China’s open and transparent attitude on COVID-19 origins tracing has been fully recognized by international experts.
–The Daily Mail-Global Times News Exchange Item