US media decries America’s failure to halt pandemic

DM Monitoring

WASHINGTON: A grim coronavirus benchmark highlights America’s failure to halt the pandemic, said the U.S. media outlet The Washington Post Wednesday.
By far, the United States remains the world’s worst-hit nation, with the most cases and deaths, making up more than one fifth of the global caseload and death toll respectively, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.
“The toll in the United States has been uniquely bad,” said the report, “on average, an American will die from the virus in 76 seconds.”
Governments both at the national level and lower levers lack leadership, which leads to a slow implementation of social distancing.
Furthermore, many Americans fail to take precautionary steps to combat the pandemic.
“All of this has contributed to the United States being among the countries hardest hit by the virus.” the Post reported.
A lack of leadership was also shown at Tuesday’s U.S. presidential debate when heated exchanges and personal attacks bulldozed the 90-minute-plus battle, as two nominees accused their opponent of being an incompetent leader.