US company to set up biomedical equipment in Lahore’s SEZ

LAHORE: First time in history of the country, an American Biomedical Engineering Company will set up first ever manufacturing unit of biomedical equipment in Allama Iqbal Industrial City, a prioritized Special Economic Zone of Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company (FIEDMC) under CPEC.
American Biomedical Engineering Company Director Dr Usman Mustafa called on FIEDMC Chairman Mian Kashif Ashfaq here on Monday.
At the early stages, this American company will manufacture only those biomedical products or disposables which are being used for heart surgery or its treatment and later, in next stage, heart stents and other latest medical equipment will also be manufactured here to meet the local needs.
FIEDMC Chairman Mian Kashif Ashfaq said Pakistan will be in a position to save millions of rupees foreign exchange in wake of import of these biomedical equipments and this will also ultimately lead to self-reliance in medical sector besides enabling our industry to export it to other countries too.
He said after installation of this unit, the price of biomedical equipment would be slashed remarkably in local market which will helpful for the needy patients too.
He said a research center will also be established in FIEDMC with collaboration of this American company which will open new doors to medical research in Pakistan. He further said FIEDMC will also provide all available facilities to this American Biomedical Engineering Company for installing its unit and the objective behind offering free of cost land is to lay foundation of biomedical engineering in Pakistan so that it would help developing medical sector to meet the challenges both at local and international levels.– Agencies