UK Envoy praises lists climate change effects on northern Pakistan

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: British High Commissioner Christian Turner on Friday praised the northern areas of Pakistan for their natural beauty as he shared a video message on social media to describe his experience after his
first visit to the region. “This is my first visit to the northern areas in Pakistan. The landscapes here are some of the most beautiful in the world,” he said, but warned that climate change was impacting the region too,
stressing that “and that climate change is a real challenge for us all”.
“Pakistan has more glacial ice than any other country in the world outside the polar regions. And that ice is responsible for 50 percent of Pakistan’s water needs, water for 220 million people,” the high commissioner told his audience. Calling for joint action to meet the challenge, he said, “So, it’s very important that we work together to tackle climate change and of course the melting that is happening.” In this regard, Turner said the glacial lakes in Pakistan had increased from 30 to 150 since 2015, representing a five times increase in five years.
Regarding the cooperation between the two countries, he said the UK Aid was working in northern Pakistan to help local communities deal with climate change and through disaster relief in case of floods as well as working on renewable energy.
The vulnerable communities were also being helped for their livelihood, he added. “And that will be a theme vulnerable communities for the UK when it hosts the international climate change negotiations for COP26 at the end of next year,” said Turner. “Our world is our responsibility,” the high commissioner ended his message with this statement.

PIA to introduce voluntary retirement scheme for employees
By Adnan Rafique

ISLAMABAD: According to sources, it will take 14 days to approve applications for the scheme. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to introduce a voluntary retirement scheme for its employees, which will benefit 2700 employees.
As per details, the national carrier has made a big decision for its employees and will introduce the voluntary retirement scheme in November. According to sources, it will take 14 days to approve applications for the scheme.
Sources said that the scheme would be approved by the Economic Coordination Committee while the federal cabinet had already approved it. According to officials, the total profit of PIA is Rs 7 billion. Just days ago, the national carrier sacked 29 employees as part of the company’s reforms and accountability process, the total number of sacked employees of PIA has reached 206.