UAF’s VC highlights viral diseases of livestock

FAISALABAD: Foot and mouth disease is a severe and viral disease of livestock that has a significant economic impact for which expedited efforts are needed to address the issue, said University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan.
He addressed Pirbright Institute’s Knowledge Exchange Seminar at University of Agriculture Faisalabad. It was arranged by Faculty of Veterinary Sciences UAF. He urged the experts to devise a comprehensive plan to control the foot and mouth disease He said that FMD infection puts a serious constraint on the productivity of livestock. He said that the collaborative efforts with Pirbright Institute will help learn from each other experience. He said FMD disease is characterised by fever, and subsequent erosions of the mouth, tongue, feet and teats. The illness and accompanying lesions result in a reduced intake of feed, loss of milk production and rapid deterioration of the animal’s condition and growth.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Anas Sarwar Qureshi said foot and mouth disease causes a high rate of sickness in cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats. Most affected animals recover, but the disease leaves them debilitated and causes severe loss in the production of meat and milk.

Dr Donald King said that Pirbright is a one of leading centre of excellence in research and surveillance of virus diseases of farm animals and viruses that spread from animals to human. Prof John, Dr Munir Iqbal, Dr William, Dr Danish Munir and other also spoke on the occasion,.