UAE residents can learn stock market for free

DUBAI: Leading international broker Leadcapital Corp. plans to release secrets of trading and investment from all over the world for free.
With the online course, Paul and Malte will reveal all their secrets for more than three hours in video format, meaning registration can be made at any time to fit any schedule.
Attending this trading course is free, and registration is done online.
Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub’s courses portray the idea that participants enjoy learning, as they will be a mix of entertainment and education.
This course will provide participants with an overview of how and when to invest, how to manage investment risks, how investor psychology works, how to limit possible losses and maximize benefits, how to work with a variety of financial products, as well as how novice investors make the most common mistakes.
On top of this, the most daring participants will even be able to put their learning into practice in real-time through a free stock market simulator, where they can make investments with virtual capital and zero risk.
These events attract all sorts of finance-loving individuals with an insatiable appetite for learning and acquiring more financial knowledge, according to the participants themselves. Moreover, it is not necessary to have prior financial knowledge to take this course. –Agencies