Two Pak officials working hard in Hubei: Hashmi

From Our Correspondent

BEIJING: Pakistan Ambassador to China Ms. Naghmana Alamgir Hashmi on Sunday said that two officers of Pakistani embassy who were sent to Hubei province in China three weeks ago, to set up camp office and ensure the safety and well-being of Pakistani students and help them in coordination with the local authorities, are still there and working hard tirelessly.
Hashmi further added that the officials would not come back from Hubei and Wuhan till the quarantine is lifted. They (Officials) knew before they went there, three weeks ago. “Both officers are young. I am so proud of them. They are working tirelessly and facing the situation bravely without complaining”, she praises the officials.
Naghmana Hashmi also said very few people know that due to the Coronavirus outbreak all offices, organizations, businesses, and diplomatic missions in Beijing were closed, although Pakistan’s Embassy was the only organization that has been operational throughout the entire episode.
She added that, during the New Year holidays, officials of Pakistani embassy had been working 24/7 to do all they can to look after the 28,000 students in China and 1189 students in Hubei province. “We will continue to do what is required and expected of us by our country for as long as required, whatever it takes. Pakistan and duty first always”, she said.
Chinese authorities on Monday, 17th February, allowed a Pakistani team from the Embassy to go to Wuhan on the condition that the Embassy officers proceeding to Wuhan would only be able to return once the travel restrictions from Wuhan are lifted. Upon this, the Pakistan Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi dispatched two members of her phenomenal Special Task Force to Hubei with special focus on reaching out to Pakistani students in Wuhan.
The team, comprising Third Secretary Junaid and Education Attaché Suleman reached Wuhan city straightaway and met with the Pakistani students in Wuhan. They also met with administrative staff in each university to get first-hand information on the well being and needs of students. Apart from this, the team also held meetings with the local authorities and received briefings from them. The Daily Mail has learnt that assessment of the team with regard to the general condition of Pakistani students, is that they are being well looked after with their food, basic amenities, accommodation requirements are catered for. The students are also receiving psychological counseling both from the Embassy of Pakistan and the universities.
However, the quarantine requirements of communities are being strictly observed. Universities are also observing preventive/quarantine measures without exception. People from various walks of life in Islamabad have paid rich tributes to the Pakistan Embassy’s officials who have reached out to Wuhan, risking their lives, to console and encourage Pakistani students, redefining the norms of diplomacy.