Turkey summons German ambassador


Turkey on late Friday summoned Germany’s Ambassador to Ankara Jürgen Schulz after Germany summoned Turkey’s envoy in Berlin over the latest verdict on jailed businessperson Osman Kavala.

The German Foreign Ministry earlier summoned Turkey’s Ambassador to Berlin Ahmet Başar Şen regarding the case. As a response, the German diplomat was summoned by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Director of the European Union Faruk Kaymakcı, according to the information provided by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was said that Germany’s summoning of the Turkish diplomat was contrary to diplomatic practices, and that the Kavala case was being politicized.

It was stated to Ambassador Schulz that the verdict of conviction rendered by the independent Turkish judiciary cannot be questioned by any institution, authority or country, that Turkey is a state of law that is aware of its Constitution and international obligations, and that attempts to intervene in the Turkish judiciary and politics are rejected.

The ambassador was also reminded of the Vienna Convention’s principle of non-interference in internal affairs. -Agencies