TTP clearly exposes its agenda, its roots


By Makhdoom Babar


Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which is the extension of the Pakistan brand of global terror organization Taliban or Al-Qaeda, on Tuesday crystal clearly exposed its actual agenda and that where its roots lay.

TTP has been otherwise operating under a socio – political and socio-religious cliché of enforcing Islamic Sharia’a law with objective to govern Pakistan under these very laws. In this propaganda campaign, TTP also started winning the hearts and support of certain Muslims with rather extremist religious views from almost all sections of Pakistani society.

On Tuesday, in a barbaric and gruesome act of extreme terror against humanity, they butchered hundreds of innocent toddlers and little angels at a primary school in Peshawar and then shamelessly took responsibility of the same.

This incident crystal clearly proves that TTP , by no means, has any socio – political or socio – religious agenda. It also proves that by no means TTP is interested in grabbing the support or luring the hearts of any percentage of Pakistan’s population from any walk of society.

The Tuesday’s barbaric episode of the TTP, has beyond , an iota of doubts , proved that TTP is working merely on agenda of causing maximum damage to the people of Pakistan and to traumatize this nation with absolutely seeing no space and no future for itself in this society.

By carrying out the butchering of innocent school students and that too in hundreds with over 120 being killed and others wounded critically , TTP has outrageously proved it has no roots in any parts of Pakistan society and even does not want to have one. By this act TTP has loudly conveyed that they have their strings in the hands of their foreign bosses.

The Daily Mail very strongly believes that the TTP does not need to hold the press conference to declare their actual agenda and to announce that where they are being controlled and instructed from.

They daily mail is of a very firm opinion that in the TTP’s case the acts speak far louder than words.

The TTP , through Peshawar terror has made it very clear to everyone that they are not in Pakistan for good and that they are here just to fulfill a foreign agenda and after finishing the given task they will simply go to the shelter of their foreign bosses on some other soil and in some other air.

On one Tuesday some , thirteen years back similar breed of monsters caused havoc to the Americans on 9/11 and now on another Tuesday these monsters have diminished the 9/11 brutality by causing an even worse act of terror against humanity and it had been done against Pakistani nation.

The daily Mail believes that his rapid growth of the monster has left the world with wondering that has the US and it’s NATO allies been able to prove that the world has been made a safer place after 9/11 or they should just be saying that West has been made a safer place. One wonders that have the US and it’s western allies been making any sincere effort to diminish this terror monster or have they just ensured that monster should be thrown to the east and be allowed to continue dancing there.